7 Best Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movies ...

It’s taken a while for me to get used to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in serious movie roles, especially since one of his more famous roles was on TV, in a comedy role, in “3rd Rock from the Sun.” Not that he can’t be funny — I just enjoy seeing him as a sophisticated, intelligent character, too. If you’re still stuck on the “3rd Rock” thing, keep reading… here’s my list of the 7 best Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies, enough to make you realize he’s so much more than the quirky, weird Tommy Solomon.

1. Inception

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Role: Arthur
In short, this movie is amazing. It’s brilliantly shot, the characters are interesting and realistic, and the acting is top-notch. That includes the role of Arthur, a sophisticated, smart dream weaver, played by a gorgeous, well-dressed and mature Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s perfect for the role, and he’ll make you forget all about Tommy Solomon from “3rd Rock.”

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