8 Recent Funny Movies You Have to Watch ...


8 Recent Funny Movies You Have to Watch ...
8 Recent Funny Movies You Have to Watch ...

I’m not much of a horror flick person, but I do love comedies. I have a few favorite standbys that I drag out of the video cabinet when I need some cheering up. I don’t always make it to the movie theater to see the latest comedy, due to a hectic schedule. However, I keep the title at the back of my mind and jump at the chance to see it as soon as it hits DVD. Below is my list of 8 recent funny movies you have to watch. Maybe you’ll find a new one you haven’t seen yet.

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Death at a Funeral

Death at a Funeral Photo Credit: beancounter

As a comedy revolving around death, this was pretty funny. It isn’t so much as a continuous slew of side-busting hilarity, but more of an oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening sort of funny. Tracy Morgan is a bit over the top, as usual, and greatly adds to much of the craziness in this movie. The basics of the movie involve a family gathering for their father/husband’s funeral and coming to terms with resentments, threats, blackmail, and some shocking revelations. There are a few parts that all you can do is shake your head and try to cover your eyes.


Furry Vengeance

Furry Vengeance Photo Credit: christopher_aquino

What can I say, I’m a sucker for movies with animals and a comedy with zany animals is even that much more appealing. It’s sort of a live version of Over the Hedge and Brendan Fraser contributes quite a lot to all the mayhem. He plays a developer who is set on getting his housing subdivision rolling, but is then faced with many angry animals. The critters revolt against him in ways that we only can hope animals aren’t actually capable of.


Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Photo Credit: ctabusphotographer

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical of this movie when I heard the title and actors in it. It actually turned out to be very funny. The Rock did an excellent job at portraying an unwilling tooth fairy. The outfit he to wear when he was doing his tooth fairy tasks made it that much funnier. Dwayne Johnson is a rough-tough hockey player in the movie who is sentenced to tooth fairy duty after he basically crushes a kid’s dreams. The fairy queen definitely teaches The Rock a lesson and causes him to readjust his attitude.


Cop out

Cop out Photo Credit: Ismail Random Things LIAO

Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis seem like an odd team of detectives, and they are, but they definitely create a fantastically funny duo. They play a couple of veteran cops who are trying to find a baseball card that was stolen. The vintage card leads them into a group of gangsters. The card originally belonged to Willis and he was hoping to sell it to pay for his daughter’s wedding. This is a good combo of action and comedy.


Knight and Day

Knight and Day Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Movies

I had my doubts about this at first. I really like Cameron Diaz, but was skeptical about her being in a comedy with Tom Cruise. I’ve seen him in tons of action movies and thought this was another role like the one he played in Mission Impossible. It sort of is, but he was able to pull of the humor portion quite nicely. Diaz and Cruise actually make a great comedy team and I wouldn’t mind seeing this one again when it comes out on DVD.


Grown Ups

Grown Ups Photo Credit: GearWerks

I thought this had a fun cast and I haven’t found a movie that Adam Sandler was in that I haven’t liked. This crew of childhood friends, consisting of Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider, reunite in their hometown to honor their deceased basketball coach. Their lives and families are very different from one another, but they end up coming together once again. I think a lot of the comedy revolves around these five guys, but there are a few moments when the women get in on the fun as well. I especially liked the pool scene with the Canadian. Hilarious!


When in Rome

When in Rome Photo Credit: KarLoves

This is my top choice of all the funny movies I’ve seen this year. It might be considered sort of a chick-flick, but even my husband liked it. He’s more into gore and action, but he actually laughed right along with me during this movie. The just of the movies is; Kristen Bell takes a few coins from the Fountain of Love in Rome and is then pursued by the guys who tossed these coins into the fountain. Each of the four men swears to be madly in love with her. They follow her back to the states and the madness begins. I thought that it was excellent that Jon Heder was in this with his side-kick from Napoleon Dynamite, Efren Ramirez.


Date Night

Date Night Photo Credit: ho_hokus

I hadn’t laughed and cringed so many times during a movie in years. I think Steve Carell is hilarious and Mark Wahlberg definitely enhances the visual content of this movie. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. Steve Carell and Tina Fey portray a husband and wife who are out on a date while the babysitter gives them a night to themselves. They end up at a fancy restaurant where reservations are hard to come by and they take someone else’s reservations. This turns out to be a huge mistake and the story-line gets more and more twisted from there. They end up pursued by killers who were originally after the main reservation holders, but Carell and Fey have a hard time convincing this crew that they aren’t the couple they are after.

It’s so hard to choose only 8 recent funny movies you have to watch. I have such a collection of older ones that I adore. Do you have a comedy that still makes you laugh, even if you’ve watched it 30 times already? What’s a funny movie you’ve recently seen? Feel free to share your favs.

Top Photo Credit: =*Nannie*=

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@sheila The hangover was way overrated, it was okay but disappointing from all the hype I heard. Movies I could watch and always laugh, Clerks 2, Grandma's Boy, Fanboys, I love you Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hot Tub Time Machine, Elf, Old Skool, Anchorman, The Hot Chick basically almost anything with Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Jason Segel, Rob Schenider, Steve Carrell and Jack Black.

I saw date night it was hilarious. Day and Knight didn't really seem that funny to me, it was entertaining but I felt like renting it to watch on dvd later would have been much better. Grown ups was also very funny i did enjoy that one, and where's the hangover b/c that's almost everyone's favorite.

I saw date night and laughed so hard I cried! It was defenatly the funniest movie I've seen in a long time.

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