8 Recent Funny Movies You Have to Watch ...

I’m not much of a horror flick person, but I do love comedies. I have a few favorite standbys that I drag out of the video cabinet when I need some cheering up. I don’t always make it to the movie theater to see the latest comedy, due to a hectic schedule. However, I keep the title at the back of my mind and jump at the chance to see it as soon as it hits DVD. Below is my list of 8 recent funny movies you have to watch. Maybe you’ll find a new one you haven’t seen yet.

8. Death at a Funeral

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As a comedy revolving around death, this was pretty funny. It isn’t so much as a continuous slew of side-busting hilarity, but more of an oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening sort of funny. Tracy Morgan is a bit over the top, as usual, and greatly adds to much of the craziness in this movie. The basics of the movie involve a family gathering for their father/husband’s funeral and coming to terms with resentments, threats, blackmail, and some shocking revelations. There are a few parts that all you can do is shake your head and try to cover your eyes.

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