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7 Shocking Movie Moments ...

By Jennifer

I love movies that are dramatic, funny, quirky, and most of all, unpredictable! I hate sitting in the theater, bored, because I’ve already figured out what’s going to happen, or who-did-it. If you’re the same, then maybe you haven’t yet seen some of the movie surprises I’m about to share… here’s my list of the seven most shocking movie moments I didn’t see coming… SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen these films, then don’t read my description! It will ruin the endings…

1 “the Sixth Sense”

“the Sixth Sense”I admit it: I figured this one out early in the film. Bruce Willis plays a child psychologist working with a hollow-eyed, haunted Haley Joel Osment. Osment sees dead people, and Willis attempts to treat him. At first, of course, Willis doesn’t believe the child, but as the film progresses, he does… and at the end, Willis realizes he’s been dead all along…

2 “the Crying Game”

“the Crying Game”I most definitely did NOT see this one coming! Stephen Rea is held hostage by a group of men, one of whom shares stories of his girlfriend, a woman he adores. The captor is killed in Rea’s escape, and he feels he must look in on the girlfriend. Gradually he falls in love with her, and the first time they’re intimate, he discovers that she’s not a she at all… oddly, you still find yourself rooting for the couple…

3 “Seven”

“Seven”“Seven” is a ghastly dark film, with stunningly real performances by Kevin Spacey, a crazed serial killer, Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, detectives assigned to the case, and a delicate, sorrowful Gwenyth Paltrow, Pitt’s wife. We all know that Spacey will be caught, just short of his seventh sin-inspired murder, but how will he complete his series? Then the FedEx truck pulls up with a package for Pitt… I didn’t see this shock coming either…

4 “Jaws”

“Jaws”We all knew before we saw the movie what this film was about — a big shark eating innocent swimmers. But the biggest shock of the film came nearly half-way through, the first time we see just how big and frightening this shark is. Yes, you’re definitely going to need a bigger boat!

5 “Audition”

“Audition”This film is shocking in its entirety, but the first big shock comes at the beginning, when an older gentleman makes a phone call to a beautiful young woman he “auditioned” earlier. We see the pretty girl, we hear the phone, and as the camera pans back, and she answers after a few rings, we see the rest of her room, and what appears to be… is that a? A body? on the floor of her room…

6 “the Empire Strikes Back”

“the Empire Strikes Back”From the first “Star Wars” film we knew that Darth Vader was evil personified, and that Luke and his friends were the good guys. We also learned that Vader killed Luke’s father… or did he? In this second of the film series, we’re shocked by Vader’s confession to Luke that’s he’s his father… I don’t think anyone expected that!

7 “the Usual Suspects”

“the Usual Suspects”I didn’t see this one coming, either! Kevin Spacey portrays a timid, quirky con-man who recounts his dealing with a notorious mobster to a detective, who is constantly wondering who this gangster, Keyser Soze, is. At the end of the film, we discover who he is… and it’s quite a shock indeed!

There are so many other shocking movie moments (check out “Alien” and “Psycho” for starters), but these were the ones I remember most clearly. Did any of them surprise you? Or was there another movie moment that shocked you? Please let me know… but don’t spoil it!

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