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Bartering Sex for Stuff or Services ...

By Mabelle

Men who watch porn movies should be familiar with this: a seemingly desperate housewife trading her body for the 'services' of the handyman, cable guy, electrician, plumber, or the pizza guy (!).

It seems like it's second nature for us to want something else in exchange for sex.

According to a report from

Call it crass, sexist or gender stereotyping all you want, but there are thousands of years of biological programming at work here, says Dr. Chris Fariello, director of the Institute for Sex Therapy at the Council for Relationships, a nonprofit relationship-counseling group based in Philadelphia.

Plain and simple, a partner who provides more resources -- wealth, shelter, home repairs -- is seen as more attractive and stands to reap more sexual rewards.

I do think that we do subconsciously try to use **sex **in exchange for something that we really want instead of what we need.

I can probably understand the wealth and shelter part – but home repairs??? Come on!

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