My Fruitless Search for Mr. Exactly Right ...

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I've always thought that it is a must for every girl my age to compose a list of qualities for Mr. Right to have. I had this entire list of items for age, education, income, height, body type, hair color - I even had it pat down to religion! Little did I know that by limiting myself to a list of qualities that my kind of guy should have - I was ruining my chances for complete and utter happiness. The flings and sort-of-relationships that I had were doomed from the start due to my expectations of what a guy should be - instead of appreciating what we have together.

Now, I still have that must-have-qualities-list - but they're a lot broader. What I am looking for - instead of Mr. Exactly Right - is Mr. Just Right. I am wiser enough to know now that sense or humor, warmth, sensitivity, honesty and integrity are the non-superficial qualities that count, which also makes a relationship work.

Source: ~AnimeFan12deathnote on Devian Art

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