8 Gay Men We Wish Were Straight ...


8 Gay Men We Wish Were Straight ...
8 Gay Men We Wish Were Straight ...

Now, sexuality can be a fluid thing, but I wonder if women really are dumb enough to believe that they really can turn a gay man straight. However, there are some gay men who are just so darn gorgeous that it makes a (straight) girl want to cry.

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Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin Photo Credit: C.Estrada

Oh, what a terrible waste. When the Puerto Rican lovely came out recently, I must confess to a moment of pique. How could he? Did he not know I was there? Silly boy … although admittedly the signs were there, what with using a surrogate to become a single dad …


Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming Photo Credit: BBC Radio 5 live

I just love Alan Cumming for the permanently cheeky look in his eye. Girls really do love a man who makes us laugh, and I think this actor would be a very funny man to be around. Guess he’ll just have to be my GBF instead.


Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe Photo Credit: kk+

I’m not quite so keen on the no-hair look, but what’s not to love about an awesome singer like Michael Stipe. Imagine him crooning to you and you alone … Ah well, music will live forever, even if a gay man doesn’t change his direction.


Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett Photo Credit: catenius

I’ve loved Rupert since Another Country, so that’s … ahem, quite a long time. Those louche good looks, the bitchy but honest pronouncements – well, he can be my other GBF.


John Barrowman

John Barrowman Probably no 1 in the ‘WHY is he gay? Why oh why, God?’ stakes. So why have I put him at no 5? Because this list is in No Particular Order. And to make things worse, he married his partner, who is equally cute. Life can be so cruel to a woman …


Graham Norton

Graham Norton Photo Credit: Ray MeFarSo

Would Graham Norton be Graham Norton if he wasn’t gay? I don’t know, but I’d love to find a straight man who can be as outrageously amusing as this comedian. Sigh … well, I guess the GBF list is growing.


Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood Photo Credit: daniel arnold!

This is currently just a rumour, but if it turns out to be true, all I can say is Noooooooooooooo!! Those gorgeous blue eyes would be totally wasted on a man. Yes, it’s just wicked Hollywood gossip, that’s what it is. No truth to it at all.


David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce But he was so adorable as Niles! I just want to console him for being made to spend umpteen series lusting over the irritating Daphne, with her unconvincing Mancunian accent. Poor love.

Which gay men would you like to change back if you could? Who do you think is a loss to womankind?

Top Photo Credit: TGKW

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Adam Lambert! oh my god he's so hot!

Ricky.....it's not fair.

Christian Coulson.

wow nice list... although you forgot the main actor from prison break(forgot his name) plus anderson cooper should b top on that list

I can just agree with Ricky Martin and Elijah Wood, the others, well, it's ok. :)

Elijah Wood can't be gay!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! lol

Elijah wood isn't gay btw

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