9 Top Male Turn Offs ...


Men may seem relatively easy but believe it or not, there are certain things that turn them off. What are these things and why do they not work? Read on and find out...

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Lack or Little Communication

Lack or Little Communication Photo Credit: mollybob

Even if this is usually a woman issue, a man hates it when the person near him does not open her soul. It is good for both of them to express their true feelings, be sincere and open from the start to avoid later problems in the relationship. If you say one thing and think about another, then you are on your way to failing.



Hygiene Photo Credit: Erin Lea

Usually this issue is caused by women who don’t take the time to shave their intimate zones, wash their mouth, don’t use sweat protection or other things that could make a man mad or avoid that person.


Don’t Try to Change a Man

Don’t Try to Change a Man Photo Credit: flightlessXbird

Yes, everybody has a few annoying habits that they would be better off without but that's not the kind of change I am talking about here. I am talking about fundamental qualities that make a person who they are. Remember that we are all unique with our flaws et all and it is but obvious that no one likes to be changed in any way, especially not your man.


Making Ultimatums

Making Ultimatums Photo Credit: cvrcak1

This is also one of the biggest mistake females make when it comes to turning the relationship in a direction that they want. Why do this when a relationship is based on trust and good communication? Problems should be discussed and solved with both sides, not only from the woman's side. Ultimatums mean actually forcing him to make decisions that he doesn’t want to make which of course can only spell disaster.


Being False

Being False Photo Credit: pat & nige

Some women tend to change themselves in the beginning of a relationship to fit the new partner’s desires, and then after the relationship becomes more relaxed, they turn back to the old them. This means she was a fake all this while and that definitely is a surprise he doesn't need.


Don’t Get Drunk

Don’t Get Drunk Photo Credit: Anders Adermark

Men like a woman that can drink a few glasses and be fun company at the table but they hate it when she drinks until she can’t say an entire proposition correctly or loses her manners.


Make-up in Excess

Make-up in Excess Photo Credit: lion kim ball

Nobody likes a woman with a mask of powder instead of her real face. It will make you look like a clown in his eyes. Many good looking girls become repulsive because of too much make-up and they don’t even know that.


Don’t Be Passive

Don’t Be Passive Photo Credit: Mister Rad

Men hate girls that don’t give them the most attention when they joke or tell a story. Also they get irritated if a woman is lazy in bed and he has to do all the work. Be experimental and open to new ideas!


Let Him Feel Free

Let Him Feel Free Photo Credit: bulldog1

Don’t invade his space by force, let him meet his friends alone, don’t verify his phone messages or his e-mails. Men like their own private space so let them be! A little freedom never hurts!

Usually things that turn off men are much less than those that turn off women. All they want is to have their own personality and privacy. Can you respect this? If so, you reached his heart.

Top Photo Credit: woome1

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NAGGING. I'm a girl and even I find this irritating.

passive pertners are turn offs.....I heared from my male friends.

It's funny actually about "don't get drunk" point. I usually don't drink, and I don't think my man would love it if I was drinking, but the night we met I was totally drunk, and almost jumped on him, and now he sais he's thankful that that night I was completely wasted, because he was too shy to come up to me haha

I've never made any of these mistakes(: but the guy still doesn't like me...

Getting drunk is definitely a no no. I also think men prefer a natural look.

I think it's a double standard that men are allowed to get drunk but women are perceived negatively for doing so.

About number 3... Men like natural looks. So women can pull off much makeup (especially concealing) with a natural look.

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