7 Real Life Stories to Prepare You for Birth ...


7 Real Life Stories to Prepare You for Birth ...
7 Real Life Stories to Prepare You for Birth ...

It time for your baby to be born and you are terrified. Your nerves are on the edge, from everything from labor to what happens after you bring your baby home, to feelings of, “Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea!” Children are a miracle, and you can rest assured you will make through labor and the birth of the baby you are carrying. Keep reading for some inspiring tips!

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Progressing Labor

Progressing Labor Photo Credit: marktemte

To help strengthen labor pains, walk, walk, and walk! I know. You want the pain to stop, not get harder. But the baby is coming. There isn’t anything you can do to stop it. So encourage it to move along faster. Walk!


Progressing Labor Tip #2

Progressing Labor Tip #2 Photo Credit: Aidan Love

Try some relaxation techniques while you sit on an exercise ball. This is a wonderful way to lessen back pain and encourage baby down the birth canal. It works. I know from experience. Sit on the ball and prop your upper body over on the bed. Slightly bouncing and curving your bottom and back around on the ball alleviates pain.


Progressing Labor Tip #3

Progressing Labor Tip #3 Photo Credit: John Carleton

Tension and stress may cause contractions to not be as strong as they need to be. So, to help you rest your muscles, soak in a hot (warm) tub, or take a warm bath or shower. I was mid -way through labor, progressing wonderfully, dilated to 5 cm. When I relaxed in the hot whirlpool bath I relaxed so much I fell asleep. My labor actually stalled! My advice, make sure you are dilated far enough along, your doctor okay the soak, and your water hasn’t broken. No tubs if your water has already popped!


Ice Chips

During labor, eat as much ice chips as you want, but avoid all other food and drinks. This will keep you hydrated, but will keep your stomach empty. There is nothing worse than throwing up during labor! Just as bad as vomit is a nauseated stomach. It’s best to avoid food. It may help to suck on a lollipop or Popsicle.


Chap Stick

Chap Stick Photo Credit: tadnkat

Lamaze breathing can make your lips dry and chapped. Keep a tube of Chap Stick by your bedside and apply it often. A great tip is to eat a spoonful of ice chips, then put on the Chap Stick.


Massage Your Back

Massage Your Back Photo Credit: J. Gervase Photography

Once labor has progressed past the time you no longer want to walk and move around, your back pain can be relieved by pressure applied to your lower back. Tennis balls work great! Have your husband sprinkle baby powder on your back to eliminate friction. My sister even like her legs and feet rubbed because the pain went down her back, legs, and feet.


Hands and Knees

Hands and Knees Photo Credit: Erica Simone

If your baby is face up in the birth canal, you will experience back pain. This position also slows your labor. Avoid you back if at all possible! A super easy way to help turn the baby over is to get up on your hands and knees. Truthfully, I do not know why this works, but it does. My sister was having tremendous back labor and her mid-wife suggested she try this. Within minutes, the baby turned and literally slid out! It is truly amazing to see the birth of a baby!

Well, I hope these tips are encouraging to someone. If you know a tip I didn’t mention, why not leave me a comment?

Top Photo Credit: sesame ellis

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