7 Ways to Find Baby Names ...


7 Ways to Find Baby Names ...
7 Ways to Find Baby Names ...

If you’re expecting a baby, the first question most people probably ask when you tell them is “have you chosen a name yet?” As if you didn’t already have enough on your mind! Choosing names for your baby can be difficult, especially if you don’t know whether you’re having a girl or a boy (we didn’t find out ahead of time). If you’re struggling to find a name for your baby, I can help! Her are 7 ways to find baby names…

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Family Tree

Family Tree Photo Credit: Kevin N. Murphy

My youngest daughter is named for her paternal great-grandmother, an honor I wish she’d have lived to enjoy. If you’re looking for a baby name, check your family tree! Chances are there’s a name in your ancestry that’s amazing, perfect, with meaning and dignity and history…


Movie and TV Characters, or Celebs

Movie and TV Characters, or Celebs Photo Credit: mbeirouty

So many of my friends have chosen a baby name after a character in a TV show or movie, or from an actor, actress, or singer they like. Long before this season of American Idol, I loved the name Siobahn for a girl… and Liam is a great name for a boy, especially if you’re a fan of Liam Neeson


Places That Have Meaning

Places That Have Meaning Photo Credit: -Victoria-

Dakota, Keyes, Brooklyn — these are all names that could have been inspired by a geographical place that has special meaning or significance… or maybe mom and dad just liked the way they sounded!


Internet Baby-name Sites!

Internet Baby-name Sites! Photo Credit: DaybyDayPregnancyCalend ar

There are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to baby names and their meanings… if you’re truly stuck and struggling to find a baby name, you can always use one of these… try, for example, babynames.com.



Another great place to find baby names is in books, either books written just for choosing names, or from your own favorite novels or non-fiction. I have a friend who adores Jane Austen, and has named her daughter Lizzie after Elizabeth Bennett from “Pride and Prejudice.”


Ask Friends and Family for Suggestions

Ask any one of your friends or family members for suggestions for names, and they’ll likely have six or seven to share with you! Be prepared to hear the stories behind each suggestion, and also for unusual or odd names, too…


Other Languages!

Other Languages! Photo Credit: -Victoria-

I have a friend named Shanti, and I never even thought about where she got her name, until one day she mentioned it means “peace” in Hindu. Now I love her unique name even more! Look for baby names by translating words you love, in other languages!

Armed with these reliable baby name sources, your only job now is to narrow the field to only two or three… and to explain your choice to everyone you know once the baby is born! Do you have another source or tip for choosing a baby name? Please share!

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when my daughter was born, all the family devoted 72 names, guess what? i use the first one we made for her.

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