8 Reasons to Have a Baby in Your 20s ...


8 Reasons to Have a Baby in Your 20s ...
8 Reasons to Have a Baby in Your 20s ...

Experts have stated that a woman’s fertility peaks when you are 24. Therefore, it is a good idea to havea baby while you are in your 20s. I had a child when I was 18, then another 2 years later. My parents had me in their early 20s as well. I believe, as long as you are ready, having a baby in your 20s is fine. Below, I am going to give you 8 reason to have a baby in your 20s.

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You’ll Heal Easier

You’ll Heal Easier If you have a baby in your 20s, then you are going to heal easier. Things will go back to normal quicker and your skin still has lots of elasticity in it, so you should not have a problem there. The older you get, the longer it takes for your body to heal.


Your Body is More Ready

I believe when you’re in your 20s, your body is more ready to have a baby than later on. If you wait, then it may not be as ready or it may be harder to conceive.


Easier to Get the Baby Weight off

Easier to Get the Baby Weight off Photo Credit: ~*Leah*~

I have to admit, when you have a baby while you are in your 20s, it will be easier to get the baby weight off. If you wait until your 30s or 40s, getting the weight off may be harder.


You Can Start Your Family at a Young Age

You Can Start Your Family at a Young Age Photo Credit: sesame ellis

When you have a baby in your 20s, you will be starting your family at a young age. This is definitely great if you are married and are both ready for it.


It's Physically Easier in the 20s

It's Physically Easier in the 20s Photo Credit: Cherry

When you’re in your 20s, things will be physically easier on you. Carrying the baby is not going to be as hard as it would be if you were older. Also,the delivery itself will be easier especially if you are healthy.


As You Grow Older, Your Ovaries Age

As You Grow Older, Your Ovaries Age Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

Younger women are less likely to have genetic abnormalities for this reason. Now, if you do not believe you’re ready to have a kid, then don’t do it. You can still try in your 30s or 40s.


You Won’t Be Old when They Graduate

You Won’t Be Old when They Graduate Photo Credit: м ι м ι *

Hey, when thechild graduates, you won’t be old! Basically, you’ll be 20 years older than them. The child will always brag about how young their parents are as opposed to others. You’ll be the hip, cool parents!


You’ll Have Energy to Take Care of Them

You’ll Have Energy to Take Care of Them Photo Credit: imagonovus

I believe that energy is a big thing. When you have a baby in your 20s, you will definitely have energy. When you have a baby, you NEED energy. It’ll feel easier to wake up in the middle of the night and it'll be so much more fun to run around, playing andhaving fun with them.

There you have 8 reasons to have a baby in your 20s. These are all the way I look at things and you may look at things differently from me. Do you believe the 20s is a good age to have children? Why or why not? Many of you will probably say no, because you’re not financially ready, but what if you are?

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People in their 20's are not all skint, if your comfortable, stable and happy to have a child i believe you should have them at your healthiest peak both physically and mentally and at an age were that baby wont be at risk of abnormalities. We are designed in a way were we should have children in the 20s it's social and economic pressure to achieve the almost unachievable 'money stable' babies are full of suprises at any age, however its a personal choice and one that should be down to the individual to decide :)

A flat stomach, really Melanie? That's a pretty shallow reason to have a baby. Just who are you showing off your still-attractive body to? Because ladies, your husband will still love you if your belly has a few stetch marks. To be fair you aught to make a list of reasons why NOT to have a baby in your early 20s. Here's some ideas. Money - In your early 20s neither you or your partner probably have a high paying job or much money saved. Babies are very costly. Nobody should have a baby before they consider their financial situation. Money x2 - A baby is an incredible expense. The list of things they need just goes on and on. And don't just think about baby things, just THINK about how much stuff your parents bought you as a child and teenager. Clam the protests about only spending with your own allowence (and where did THAT come from?) your parents more on you than you will ever know. Lifestyle - If you are living a swinging 20s lifestyle, working hard, going out on dates with your lover, drinking and hanging with the girls, all this will change when you have a baby. You will lose all that freedom that comes from not having to put the welfare of someone fragile first. Freedom - Closely related to lifestyle where you will need to slow it down, the freedom I'm talking about here isn't 'fun', it's 'opportunity'. Ever want to travel to Europe? Think your career isn't for you? Is your partnership going to last for the rest of your life? Speaking of partnership...- While it's nice to hear about highschool sweethearts who married at 18 and lived a happy life together, most people settle down with their lifemate a little later than that. And if it happens and goes south, it breaks my heart to think about how many of you would bite the bullet and take it as long as you could for the sake of your children. Make sure you love this man. Be commited to him for a few years before you build a family. A wedding ring is a trinket when it comes down to it, a child is more solid than a ring will ever be. Well, there's a bit of my rant. Countless other reasons I don't doubt but I hope I've at least caught the attention of those who were starting to drift into daydreams. Stay in reality please.

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