10 Best Ways to Calm a Baby ...


10 Best Ways to Calm a Baby ...
10 Best Ways to Calm a Baby ...

Trying to find ways to calm a baby can be frustrating, unless you already have a few tricks in mind. I've listed 10 of the best ways that I've found to work. I've used them on my sisters when they were babies, kids I baby sat as I was growing up, and also on my own son. Some of these methods I learned from my mother and they all seem to work great! Try them....

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This is a common soothing method that most parents start with. Some have a rocking chair in the nursery or out in the living room that they will sit in with the baby. My son slept in our 3 Easy Ways to Dress up Your Bedroom on a Budget ... @BonnieMattern, beside my bed in a cradle and sometimes just slightly rocking the cradle would calm him down.



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Bouncing is one of the ways to calm a baby that doesn't require any special equipment. You can sit on the edge of the bed and bounce as you hold the baby close to you. Some people find that it is easier to bounce the baby a bit while holding him/her in their arms as they stand. Pick whatever is most comfortable for you.



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You don't have to be a pop star to sing to babies. They don't care what you sound like, they just like the constant melody. If you aren't comfortable with singing or can't think of asong, then humming works well also. Most of the time I know the tune to a song, but not the words. It's not even funny how humming has come in handy so many times! And if you really can't hum, try reading a children's book to him in a soothing voice.



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30 Pictures of the Cutest Dogs Ever ... @Katieand cats don't only soothe adults, they can have the same therapeutic effect on babies as well. I had a cat when my son was little that would lie next to him when he would be playing on the floor. When the cat would start to purr, my son would end up falling asleep. It was the strangest, cutest thing!


Give a Bath

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There are bath soaps for babies that have lavender in them. This scent has a calming effect on them. For many babies, just the feel of the water is soothing enough. Other ways to calm a baby with a bathis by simply letting the water run. I found that those small fountains that run off of a couple of AA batteries are very intriguing to babies. They really get interested in watching it circulate through the fountain and forget all about whatever was bothering them.


Turn on the Dryer

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The sound of the dryer is very soothing in itself, but even setting the baby in his/her carrier on top of the dryer while it is running can be even more relaxing. If you don't have a dryer, I've found that going to the laundromat works well also. The dryers are often enclosed so that nothing can be set on top of them, but they still make a constant whirring sound. Babies often find it interesting enough to watch the clothes tumble around.



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If you can get it, I recommend the baby lotion with lavender in it but really any baby lotion will do. Sometimes something as simple as touch is all that is needed. Massage is one of the ways to calm a baby that isn't often used but I have notice that it works wonders. I guess babies loves massages as much as you love your Swedish massage.


Create a Distraction

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There are tons of ideas that you can follow to create a distraction; play peek-a-boo, show the baby him/herself in a small mirror, find a happy cartoon with lots of colors and interesting noises in it, just about anything that makes a sound or is interesting to look at should do. Sometimes you are lucky enough to find a distraction that works every time!


Go outside

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Going outside was sometimes the only way my son would calm down. It was almost immediate. As soon as we'd walk out the door he would perk up. I recommend investing in a baby backpack that is comfortable for you both and have it set by the door. I kept mine stocked with a few diapers, wipes, powdered formula, and a few other travel necessities, just so it was ready to go when we were. Usually, by the time we had made it down the driveway, he was asleep!


Take a Drive

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This seems to be the method that most people rely on as the ultimate calming procedure. I have yet to see a baby that doesn't immediately calm down once the carstarts moving. Having a tape of classical music or children's songs tends to help as well.

While I've tried all of these ways to calm a baby, my favorite was going for a short car ride. It worked every time! This seemed to work for my sisters and me when we were babies, for my son, and for many of my friends when their children were small. If you've already found what works best for your baby or any babies that you interact with, be sure to pass it on to other people including us!

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What a wonderful post!! A friend of minehas had a baby last month! I'm sure this would help her alot Mel! Thanks :)

When I suppose to take care of my little brother I did almost anything to keep him happy, singing, dancing, reading but that idea with the dryer is new.:) I think it could work because the babies will be interested by the noise and the spinning thing. :)

OMG this reminds me of something at school.. all the girls in the Family Studies class had a toy baby that cried constantly! =P I should give them these tips!

Babies scare me. FOR REAL. The crying part is one reason why. I will bookmark this. :D

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