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7 Ways to Quietly Entertain Your Child ...

By Talynn

On those days when you have a million things to do and no time to spare, it can be nerve-wracking when your child absolutely refuses to sit quietly and be good! I know that feeling all too well myself. Here are 7 great ways I’ve found to quietly entertain your child and keep your sanity so that you can finish all your errands!

1 Be Interactive with Him

Be Interactive with HimPhoto Credit: mseidman

Children easily get bored, thus encouraging attention-snagging actions such as whining or acting out. Avoid this by simply engaging them in conversation and actions - even if they are younger. Let them help put stuff in the buggy or talk about colors and shapes you are seeing.

2 Pack Him a "Go-pack"

Pack Him a "Go-pack"Photo Credit: Elinesca

Include snacks, a drink, and some toys that will interest him. Coloring book and crayons are something that will quietly entertain for a while as well. This works especially well in places where you might have to sit a while, or in places where it’s necessary to refrain from making a lot of noise.

3 Use Your Outings as a Teaching Method

Use Your Outings as a Teaching MethodPhoto Credit: Caro Wallis

As parents, we are the primary source of education our children have. Take advantage of your time out and about to teach them the basics of life, safety, smart shopping, etc. It is never too early to start, and young children are like a dry sponge - thirsting for knowledge! Here is a link with some great tips for teaching your child while out and about.

4 Make Sure That You Reward Good Behavior

Make Sure That You Reward Good BehaviorPhoto Credit: { karen }

Let your child have something to look forward to if he displays good behavior. A few ideas would be a trip to the local playground, a cookie from the bakery, or a bag of candy at the register. If he is rewarded for doing good, chances are he will want to do good more often.

5 Allow Your Child to Help You Keep up with the Time

Allow Your Child to Help You Keep up with the TimePhoto Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

By doing this, you not only help yourself by not spending too much time in Wal-Mart and not getting supper on the table fast enough for your hungry mob, but you also take advantage of a great opportunity to teach your child about telling time. You could even pick him up his own little watch, maybe one with his favorite characters on it. Make sure it’s digital! Then you can ask him: “What numbers are on your watch now?” in 20 minute intervals. Kids love it when they can be a helper!

6 Be Fun!

Be Fun!Photo Credit: Jan Meeus

Don't be afraid to let the kid inside you shine through a bit. Sing silly songs while pushing the buggy down the aisle or make silly faces while you stand in the checkout line. Don’t worry if your child laughs and cracks up a bit. Remember, and kid is a kid - they're not going to be completely quiet all the time unless they are asleep!

7 Give Directions

Give DirectionsPhoto Credit: buckaroo kid

I have a 3 year old who likes to walk in front of me when we go places. So now, I give him directions - go forward, turn left, turn right or my favorite, "STOP!' Because of this, my son already knows his right hand from his left.

You see? There are many creative ways to occupy your child if you think creatively and use the resources around you! Your kids will have fun, be entertained, and learn something in the process. Most importantly, you will keep all the hair on your head! Did you get any great ideas for entertaining your child today?

Top Photo Credit: John Petrick (Busy for football season)

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