NAIAS 2010 - 8 Coolest Cars of the Auto Show ...

Monday was the first day of the Press Preview (journalists only!) at the 2010 North American International Auto Show, and I just had to be there! This year’s NAIAS is fantastic. Don’t believe the nay-sayers who gloomily predict the demise of the American auto industry based on what they see as a less-than-stellar show floor. They’re Scrooges, the lot of them. The show is great. And here are the coolest cars I saw while I was there, in my super-girlie, completely biased opinion...

1. Daimler/Smart City2Go

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Photo Credit: JennKstep

Imagine this: you’re visiting Austin, Texas or Ulm, Germany, and you need a car. Why bother with a rental or a taxi, when you can swipe a membership card and drive off in a Smart Car? Simply unlock the doors by placing your member ID card on a spot on the windshield, hop in, and drive away. Return the car to any available hot-spot when you’re done and pay a nominal mileage fee of only 35 cents per mile. That includes everything, of course. You don’t need to re-fuel or wash the car or anything. More cities will launch later this year or early next year. What a great idea! I think more celebrities should drive around in these cars. It would be inspirational don't you think?

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