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I find that home air purifiers are the only way to truly clean household air. There are just too many pollutants and microscopic specks and it's difficult to keep these from affecting the purity of the air. And what that results in is allergies, headaches, illnesses and stress among other things. I've made a list of what I feel are 7 of the top air purifiers out there. In the comment section, I noted the size, Wattage, and weight of each purifier. I feel this is vital information when choosing a home air purifier.

7. Allerair Air Purifiers – AirMedic Exec

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Price: 599.98 at
Technology: HEPA, Activated Carbon
Room Size: 1500 square feet
Warranty: 5 years
My Comment: 14.5 x 15 x 15; 140W; 43 lbs. The casters on this heavy, but highly effective, filter make it easy to move about the room. It sort of reminded me of a robot from some Sci-Fi movie, with the large dial on the front and noticeable screens all around the bottom and sides. While I didn't find this purifier to be as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other models on this list, it does exceed filtration standards and it is a bit lighter than other purifiers of its quality. You've got to make the tough decision between ruining your home decor or your lungs though.

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