Top 7 Home Air Purifiers ...


Top 7 Home Air Purifiers ...
Top 7 Home Air Purifiers ...

I find that home air purifiers are the only way to truly clean household air. There are just too many pollutants and microscopic specks and it's difficult to keep these from affecting the purity of the air. And what that results in is allergies, headaches, illnesses and stress among other things. I've made a list of what I feel are 7 of the top air purifiers out there. In the comment section, I noted the size, Wattage, and weight of each purifier. I feel this is vital information when choosing a home air purifier.

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Allerair Air Purifiers – AirMedic Exec

Allerair Air Purifiers – AirMedic Exec Price: 599.98 at
Technology: HEPA, Activated Carbon
Room Size: 1500 square feet
Warranty: 5 years
My Comment: 14.5 x 15 x 15; 140W; 43 lbs. The casters on this heavy, but highly effective, filter make it easy to move about the room. It sort of reminded me of a robot from some Sci-Fi movie, with the large dial on the front and noticeable screens all around the bottom and sides. While I didn't find this purifier to be as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other models on this list, it does exceed filtration standards and it is a bit lighter than other purifiers of its quality. You've got to make the tough decision between ruining your home decor or your lungs though.

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IQAir HealthPro Compact

IQAir HealthPro Compact Price: $749.00 at
Technology: HEPA, Pre-filter
Room Size: 1000 square feet
Warranty: 5 years
My Comment: 28 x 16 x 15; 215W; 29 lbs. This is the perfect air purifier for allergy sufferers and also for dorm room use. It takes care of not only dust and pollen that come into the room, but also any pet dander. This does cover 1,000 square feet and it is capable of six different speeds, which many home air purifiers don't quite offer. I really liked that not only is there a user manual with this air purifier, but there is also a user guide provided on DVD and VHS. The warranty for this machine, however just covers the machine. The filters aren't covered.


Blueair 450E Air Purifiers

Blueair 450E Air Purifiers Price: $499.95 at
Technology: HEPA + Electrostatic, Activated Carbon
Room Size: 365 square feet
Warranty: 10 years
My Comment: 23 x 20 x 11; 70W; 33 lbs. This air purifier has a remote control, which I find to be a very handy feature. The smells in the air, as well as the condition of it, is actually reported on the screen of this purifier. Most people don't leave their air purifiers on all day long, which is why the timer on this is extremely useful. I thought the 10 year warranty on this model was an excellent selling point as well. Not many home air purifiers offer that long of a warranty for their products.


Blueair 203 Electrostatic Air Purifiers

Price: $299.95 at
Technology: HEPA + Electrostatic, Activated Carbon
Room Size: 175 square feet
Warranty: 10 years
My Comment: 21 x 17 x 10; 50W; 25 lbs. This home air purifier takes care of not only pollen and dust, but also cigarette smoke. It is very quiet, due to the larger holes in the filters. This doesn't detract from the level of filtering at all, it just keeps the noise level down since the fans don't have to work as hard to push air through. In order to compensate for these large holes, Blueair has added electronic brushes that gather particles as they pass through. Not only is it quiet, but I like the steel finish. I think it adds a bit more to a room, instead of the standard plastic that most home air purifiers are constructed of.


Austin Air Purifiers – the Pet Machine

Price: $499.99 at
Technology: HEPA, Activated Carbon, Special Media
Room Size: 1500 square feet
Warranty: 5 years
My Comment: 23 x 14.5 x 14.5; 115W; 45 lbs. The five color choices and large casters just add to this already excellent air purifier. This is the perfect home air purifiers for pet owners everywhere. There are many people who suffer from pet allergies, but put up with the misery so they can keep their beloved animals. Not with this machine! This machine will even reduce urine odors that tend to linger in an area that has just been cleaned. The HEPA filter in this model is of a medical grade, which is how it can trap odors, floating fur, dander, and dust effectively. An excellent feature is that it is designed to run for 24 hours a day.


Austin Air Purifier HealthMate Jr, HM-200

Price: $299.99 at
Technology: HEPA, Activated Carbon
Room Size: 700 square feet
Warranty: 5 years
My Comment: 16.5 x 11 x 11; 80W; 18 lbs. This little air purifier is compact, light, and has low wattage use. Almost half the weight of this purifier is because of the 6 pounds of activated carbon in it. It comes in five different colors of steel and even the filter is covered by the 5 year warranty. Children who have intense allergies or are asthmatic will benefit greatly from this air purifier.


Allerair Air Purifiers – 5000 Exec UV

Price: $699.98 at
Technology: UV, HEPA, Activated Carbon
Room Size: 1500 square feet
Warranty: 5 years
My Comment: 20.5 x 15 x 15; 95W; 50-58 lbs. Although this is a very heavy air purifier, the large casters make it easy to maneuver around the room. It does hold 18 pounds of activated carbon, which accounts for much of the weight. I liked all the filtering systems included on this model. It made me feel that the air coming out the other side was as pure as it would ever get. I would recommend this in a household with lots of kids or for individuals who are highly susceptible to colds and allergies. This air purifier takes care of bacteria, viruses, spores that cause mold, and all of the basic impurities found in the air. There also is a choice of four different colors of steel to not clash with yourhome styling.

While this list is for a mere seven of the many home air purifiers available today, I feel we've pretty much covered everyone's needs. There are just too many choices between air filters, so it's a good idea to read up on many different models to figure out which one is going to work best for your environment and needs. Do you use one of these? If not, would you?

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I saw some in Target 2 days ago. I need one.

I don't think that every home needs one but I do believe if you live in a really urban area that purifiers are such a good investment. That was one of the first things my friend purchased before moving into her new apartment because clean air is pretty much nonexistent in her city of smog :(

Thanks for this article. My ex bf is planning of making an air purifier to a couple that just got married and moved to a new house. I think is a great gift idea for a new house and your article came just in time :)

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