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5 Home Styling Posts to BlogStalk...

By Meream

1 Pimp Your Dorm Room

Check this post for great ideas to pimp your room this coming fall.

2 Yellow Dining Room Inspiration

This room is for those who love yellow. The photo will surely make you smile.

3 Pimp Your Bathroom Using New Towels

I'm stylistically challenged when it comes to designing bathrooms so the bits of ideas on this post are helpful.

4 Using an Easel as TV Stand

My boyfriend is a painter and I think he'd rather use easels for his acrylic projects. But when he sees how chic the flatscreen TV looks propped on easels, he might just change his mind.

5 Celebrity Home Designing Ideas

If you've ever wanted to have a home that looks like that of your fave celebrity, check out this wonderful post.

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