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Do you have a problem with afternoon slumps of energy? Many people do, but there is an easy way to avoid that tired feeling! Even if you work in an office and can’t get out for much exercise during the day, here are a few tips to give you a boost!

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Desk Exercises

Desk Exercises Photo Credit: Nick-Matthews

Maybe you can’t do jump and jacks, but a few stretches are easy to do at your desk. Begin with gentle stretches of your neck. Look down at your chest, and then slowly rotate your neck to the left, then to the right. Finish by tilting your head back and looking up. Energize your legs by placing both feet together and raising up on your toes. Lower and rise 10 times. Finish by extending you legs straight in front of you and stretching.


Choose Energizing Foods

Choose Energizing Foods Photo Credit: bunchofpants

Try a turkey and veggie roll up. Low carbs and protein energize! Make it with carrots, cucumbers, cheese, and shredded turkey.


Waldorf Salad

Waldorf Salad Photo Credit: NCBrian

This simple salad is another energizing lunch. Apples, grapes, chopped chicken, walnuts, and celery are added to the salad. It’s healthy, easy to fix and pack, and energizing.


Easy Salad

Easy Salad Photo Credit: a.rud.beth

Shredded chicken, black beans, avocado, diced tomatoes, and lettuce. Sprinkle with a light vinaigrette. Serve with tortilla chips.


Protein Shakes

Protein powders are available at health food stores. You can make a shake, or simply add the powder to your drink. Protein powders comes in flavors like chocolate and vanilla, so they are tasty. Another plus is how easy they are to carry around. You can even leave some in your desk drawer.


Go for an Afternoon Walk

Go for an Afternoon Walk Photo Credit: bradbeattie84

Even if you can’t do anymore than walk up and down the sidewalk in front of the office, take a few minutes and enjoy the sunshine. Sunshine is instant energy, so get outside, if only for a minute!


Cat Nap

Cat Nap Photo Credit: kpwerker

Lay your head down on your desk for a few minutes at lunch and simply rest. Sometimes, this may be the only answer. I have been so tired before I couldn’t have made it with out a 10 or 15-minute nap. It really works when nothing else will do.

What do you do for extra energy?

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Turkey makes you sleepy because it has the same sleep inducing checmical agent as milk. Also eating portions of this size would make me sleepy.

Wow.....thats Excelent with those energizer

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