3 Easy Ways to Dress up Your Bedroom on a Budget ...

With spring fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get a jump on any spring cleaning or home make over projects you may have planned. If you're hard pressed for ideas on where to start, why not pick a room where you spend a lot of time - the bedroom! One third of our lives is spent sleeping, so having a relaxing and comfortable space is absolutely essential. From super stylish platform beds to a firm yet comfy mattress - here are three easy ways to dress up your bedroom on a budget!

1. Beddy Bye-Bye...

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Out with the old, in the new! Now wait - don't go and replace your entire bedroom set. Purchasing a new bed frame in a similar finish is perfectly acceptable and way more affordable. The Murray Platform Bed by FBG costs around $200 and looks super sleek and modern. Typically, a bed frame with a headboard is going to cost you a bit more, but lean the bed up against the wall with a row of big pillows and you won't even miss the headboard!

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