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3 Easy Ways to Dress up Your Bedroom on a Budget ...

By BonnieMattern

With spring fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get a jump on any spring cleaning or home make over projects you may have planned. If you're hard pressed for ideas on where to start, why not pick a room where you spend a lot of time - the bedroom! One third of our lives is spent sleeping, so having a relaxing and comfortable space is absolutely essential. From super stylish platform beds to a firm yet comfy mattress - here are three easy ways to dress up your bedroom on a budget!

1 Beddy Bye-Bye...

Out with the old, in the new! Now wait - don't go and replace your entire bedroom set. Purchasing a new bed frame in a similar finish is perfectly acceptable and way more affordable. The Murray Platform Bed by FBG costs around $200 and looks super sleek and modern. Typically, a bed frame with a headboard is going to cost you a bit more, but lean the bed up against the wall with a row of big pillows and you won't even miss the headboard!

2 DIY Headboards...

If you're dead set on getting a headboard for your bed, but don't want to spend the extra money, why not paint your own? Sounds crazy, I know but check this out. First, go out and get some paint, making sure that it's a contrasting color to your current wall color. Now measure the width of your bed and using painter's tape, create a floor to ceiling column. Paint inside the column, let it dry and voila! Instant painted headboard! While paint on a wall might not seem like an exciting alternative to headboard, paired with the right bedding and accent pillows, it looks quite handsome. Good Housekeeping also has some cool DIY headboard ideas worth checking out.

3 Bedding Makeover...

Now that you have a new bed and headboard, it's time to think about your top of bed display. If you use the same comforter or duvet all year round, I definitely recommend purchasing at least one more. Changing up your bedding at least 2 times a year is an easy way to freshen up the look of your bedroom. Not sure when to make the switch? I like to follow the seasons - meaning warmer, earth tone bedding (i.e. - brown, orange, red) in the colder fall/winter months and cooler blues, greens, whites in the spring/summer. Despite its high price point, DwellStudio bedding is hands down my favorite. Thankfully, Target has a line of exclusively licensed DwellStudio bedding that's more affordable.

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