10 Practical Tips for a Successful and Easy Delivery ...

Pregnancy is a miraculous time in the life of every woman. For nine months, you have been growing, nourishing, and taking care of your unborn child as being part of your own body.

You have also been making every effort to connect both yourself and your soon-to-be-born baby with the support and harmony of your surroundings.

Yet, have you started preparing for the arrival of your child and the sacred pains of labour and delivery that you will have to face and endure?

The nine months of pregnancy will pass quickly, and soon you will feel the first contractions, signalling that your baby is ready to leave your body.

Are you all set for safely bringing him or her into the world? Have you prepared for the childbirth?
A Bit of History…
For countless generations, women of all cultures have been helped by midwives standing by them with all sorts of emotional, spiritual, and medicinal support throughout pregnancy and childbirth. The word “obstetrician” is actually derived from the Latin word “stare”, which means “to protect”, “to support”, or “to stand by”.

Modern obstetrics, although have far drifted from a natural, traditional aid in delivery, and turned into quite an invasive medical practice, nonetheless have made the process of labour and delivery a good deal less dangerous and painful for both the mother and her child.

However, even in our highly technological times, the miracle of childbirth remains as sacred and empowering in the life of every woman as it has always been for generations of women since the times immemorial.

To prepare for a successful and easy delivery, a special time is required for a**pregnant woman** to educate herself about what to expect. Some arrangements should be made for increased rest and care, special exercise, positive visualization, a regular dialogue with your unborn, and meditation.

Preparations for uncomplicated childbirth should begin months before the first pains of labour hit on. To avoid unnecessary stress and decrease your chances of delivery complications, follow these 10 tips for having a successful and easy childbirth…

1. Getting Regular Exercise and Meditation …

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Since the first day of your pregnancy, get engaged in regular exercise and meditation. A daily practice of strengthening your body, improving flexibility and circulation, learning how to breathe properly, how to contract and relax your muscles effectively, and how to calm your mind and eliminate stress is imperative in preparing yourself for the coming labour and delivery.

Consistent sessions of pregnancy yoga (read our article “Yoga for Pregnant Women”), daily walks in safe and unpolluted areas, quiet contemplation, light gardening, climbing stairs, and swimming are the most recommended activities to build necessary strength and relieve emotional and hormonal tensions, muscle pains, and stress.

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