7 Pros and Cons-Thumb Sucking Vs. Pacifier ...


7 Pros and Cons-Thumb Sucking Vs. Pacifier ...
7 Pros and Cons-Thumb Sucking Vs. Pacifier ...

As a mother of 6 children, and an aunt to 11 great kiddos, I have heard the debate between thumbs and pacifiers between moms, doctors, and dentists. It rages on and on. Is it good, bad, right, or wrong? After real life examples pop up in my house on a day- to -day basis, here is what I have learned from experience

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It Made My Baby Happy

It Made My Baby Happy Photo Credit: qtjyn_hapi

Babies have a natural sucking instinct they need to fulfill. There are a few babies who refuse a paci and their thumb. Half of my babies needed a paci, half of them did not. I found that if I let them satisfy their craving for a paci, they were much happier, as was the rest of the family!


It Helped My Baby Fall Asleep

It Helped My Baby Fall Asleep Photo Credit: Hamed Saber

It isn’t good for babies to fall asleep with a bottle. The milk left in a baby’s mouth can cause problems with their teeth and also presents a chocking hazard. A pacifier, or the baby’s thumb, reduces those problems. Yet, you still have a peaceful baby who loves to sleep.


It Kept My Baby Quiet

It Kept My Baby Quiet Photo Credit: eperales

Whether you are visiting family, friends, or out shopping, there are times when it isn’t convenient to let your little one exercise his or her lungs. By allowing a “binky” your baby will be satisfied and not cry at the most inappropriate times.


The Thumb Never Gets Lost

The Thumb Never Gets Lost Photo Credit: Mark E

If your baby will suck on his fingers of thumb, you never need to stop what you are doing and find that crazy binky. The thumb is always everywhere your baby goes. Never leave home without it again!


It Introduces Germs

It Introduces Germs Photo Credit: Daniel Mosley

Fingers harbor germs! Pacifiers do too! What do you say to a child who is 5 or 6 when they put their fingers in their mouth? Of course you remind them of the germs they carry around on their fingers. Germs are just as real on toddler’s fingers, and maybe much more. They do not care where their fingers have been or what they have touched. Try telling a two year old his fingers have germs on them! They will look at you like they have no idea what you are talking about.


It is a Hard Habit to Break

It is a Hard Habit to Break Photo Credit: Piulet

With a pacifier, you can throw it away, endure a few nights of sleepless nightmares, and that’s the end of it. With a thumb sucker, what are you going to do, cut their thumb off? No! They may suck their thumb longer, but they will eventually outgrow the need.


Toddlers Shouldn’t Be Allowed a Paci

Toddlers Shouldn’t Be Allowed a Paci Photo Credit: Carlos Porto

What is the right age to wean a baby from a binky? Really, I feel like that is dependent on the baby and mother. But honestly, a toddler who is 3 or 4 should be weaned. A pacifier interferes with language development and can cause your baby teeth problems. Please, wean then early!

So there you have it - My two cents on the pros and cons of “fu-fu” (as mine called them) and thumb sucking! What about you? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear what you have to say.

Top Photo Credit: Voetmann

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