7 Tips on Being a Parent to a Toddler ...


7 Tips on Being a Parent to a Toddler ...
7 Tips on Being a Parent to a Toddler ...

Being a parent is a big blessing. You never realize just how much love you can have until you have children, then you feel as if you can do anything for them. I will go out of my way if it means making my little girl happy. Parenting does not come with instructions, so we learn from our mistakes and by the time we have grandchildren, we have mastered parenting and try to tell our kids how to raise their kids. Below, I am going to give you 7 tips on being a parent to a toddler…

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Hold Their Hands in Public

Hold Their Hands in Public Photo Credit: smile its shan [dailytexanonline.org]

Do you know how many toddlers I see just running around without having a parent near? I wonder how their parents can allow this and feel good about themselves. Do they not worry about their children? Do they not realize the dangers that are out there? In public, hold the little one’s hand!!


Don’t Argue with Them

Don’t Argue with Them Photo Credit: Alan Ranger

When they say “no,” don’t argue with them, just ignore it. When you argue with them, they’ll argue back and before you know it, you’ll be in a big argument with a crying child. Don’t teach your kid how to argue!


Put Them in a Car Seat/booster Seat

Put Them in a Car Seat/booster Seat Photo Credit: *Pretty in Pink*

The other day, I drove past a car full of kids who was not in a car seat/booster seat OR wearing any seat belts. They were jumping around in the car while it was going down the road. The other day, I drove past someone who was holding a little baby on the passenger side. Buckling up is the law folks and it is a law for a reason! My husband used to work in a facility where they got wrecked cars in. Do you know how sad it was to see blood in the car only to hear that the child was not wearing a seat belt and they might have lived if they were in proper restraints? Follow the laws. They are there for a reason.


Give Them Love

Give Them Love Photo Credit: hkvam

You should give them the attention and love they need. Show them that you love them by helping them with something they need help with. Give them a kiss each night when you tuck them in and tell them that they are loved. Some kids do not get this, so be thankful your child does.


Teach Them Not to Talk to Strangers

Teach Them Not to Talk to Strangers Photo Credit: ☮freedom☮

Children who walk up and just start talking to strangers are only asking to trouble. I know this can be hard to do, but you need to start early and teach them not to talk to strangers. There are so many bad people out there that are dangerous. Teach them!


Let Them Help You around the House

Let Them Help You around the House Photo Credit: Kathy Froilan

When you are folding clothes, let them help you. When you are sweeping the floor, let them help you. This is a start of teaching them responsibility and it seems that kids at this age love helping with chores!


Do Not Drink Alcohol around Your Children

Do Not Drink Alcohol around Your Children Photo Credit: bahketni

Through my husband, I hear how harsh it is to grow up with drunk parents. It doesn’t sound fun at all. I do not drink alcohol around my children. In fact, I won’t even touch the stuff and neither does my husband. I’m not religious, so I’m not away from it for “Godly” reasons. I’m not a wussy, so I’m not away from it for that. I just know how it can rip families apart and ruin lives…literally. SO, do not drink around your children, no matter how responsible you think you can be!

There you have 7 of my very own tips to being a parent to a toddler. Sure, these may be basic things to some, but some people out there may be in need of the advice I have given. How old is your little one?

Top Photo Credit: Shana Rae {Florabella Collection}

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