7 Tips on Being a Parent to a Toddler ...

Being a parent is a big blessing. You never realize just how much love you can have until you have children, then you feel as if you can do anything for them. I will go out of my way if it means making my little girl happy. Parenting does not come with instructions, so we learn from our mistakes and by the time we have grandchildren, we have mastered parenting and try to tell our kids how to raise their kids. Below, I am going to give you 7 tips on being a parent to a toddler…

7. Hold Their Hands in Public

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Do you know how many toddlers I see just running around without having a parent near? I wonder how their parents can allow this and feel good about themselves. Do they not worry about their children? Do they not realize the dangers that are out there? In public, hold the little one’s hand!!

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