7 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied on a Road Trip ...


7 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied on a Road Trip ...
7 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied on a Road Trip ...

For most families, summer means road-trips, and that can mean bored kids wanting to stop every ten miles and complaining the whole way. How on earth will you keep your kids occupied? No worries! I’ve traveled from Michigan to the west coast with kids twice, and lived to tell! Here’s my list of 7 ways to keep your kids occupied and happy on a road trip

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Junie B. Jones Books

Junie B. Jones Books Price: $4.99 each at amazon.com
What little girl doesn’t relate to Junie B. Jones, a precocious kindergartener (then first-grader)? These short chapter books document all of the drama of a girl her age, from losing a tooth, to almost being a flower girl, to kindergarten graduation. Choose a few of these (there are more than 30 of them!) and keep your little one occupied!


Disney • Pixar’s “up”

Disney • Pixar’s “up” Price: $20.49 at amazon.com
So many trucks and vans come equipped with DVD players, and a movie is one way to keep your kids occupied for at least an hour at a time! And this movie will satisfy kids of all ages. The animation is spectacular, the story is sweet, and your kids will love Russell, the chubby little stowaway who makes the whole film.


Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo Price: $4.99 at amazon.com
Do your kids love the “I Spy” game? Then they’ll love Roadtrip Bingo, which will have them hunting for road signs and landmarks and more! The best part? It doesn’t require batteries!


The Alphabet Memory Game

The Alphabet Memory Game Photo Credit: lbeau

Notice that this item doesn’t have a price tag attached to it. It’s the best game to play on a road trip, and it’s completely free! Here’s how it works: one person starts the game by saying the first letter of the alphabet, then an item that starts with that letter (“A, apple”). The next person says the first letter, the first word, then adds the next letter, and a word they choose (“A, apple. B, book”). The game continues until one person simply can’t remember the word for each letter. It’s so much fun! The more people, the merrier, and no-one’s allowed to write anything down — that’s cheating!


Apple IPod Nano

Apple IPod Nano Price: $134.99 at bestbuy.com
Choose pink for your little princess, and blue for your little man, and load their new iPods with their favorite music and TV shows. It plays music, videos, and more! Most songs are less than $1, and most shows are less than $2 per episode! Just make sure you also buy a charger, so you can recharge them when you stop overnight.


Crayola ColorWonder Travel Tote

Crayola ColorWonder Travel Tote Price: $12.79 at amazon.com
My daughter has an entire bin full of these coloring books and special markers at home, and this set is the perfect way for her to bring her no-mess fun on the road with us! The markers ONLY work on the special Color Wonder paper, so she never gets any on her clothes, other books, or in the back seat of the car.


Nintendo DS New Super Mario Brothers

Nintendo DS New Super Mario Brothers Price: $34.99 at gamestop.com
Anyone my age can remember playing the first Super Mario Brothers game on the original Nintendo, where you had to blow into the cartridge sometimes to make it work. Well, now the Brothers have a new adventure, with amazing graphics and improved game play. Buy the version for the super-portable Nintendo DS, and you won’t hear a peep from the back seat!

Add a few of these items to a bag of snacks, and you won’t hear anyone complaining that they’re bored! Do you have any other games or toys you can recommend for a road trip? Or are your kids naturally wonderful during long road trips? Please let me know!

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