7 Games to Keep Your Children Active ...


7 Games to Keep Your Children Active ...
7 Games to Keep Your Children Active ...

With childhood obesity at an all time high, is it any wonder that parents worry about their child's fitness levels? I always find myself worrying that they won’t be fit enough to join in, or to take part in sports day, so I’ve been researching ways to keep children active. Fun ways, of course! Here are my top seven games!

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Walk to School

Walk to School Photo Credit: Katelyn Vonfeldt

Instead of driving, pick at least one day a week to walk or cycle to school. If you or your children aren’t morning people, walk home instead, and bring a healthy snack such as an apple to prevent hunger and snacking! This is a brilliant way to get kids who don’t love sports to at least get their minimum exercise needs met.


Go to the Park

Go to the Park Photo Credit: Expatriate Games

Go for a bug hunt, or just a play at the park. Go about an hour after eating, when you shouldn’t feel full anymore, and the food will be releasing energy which should make you all feel ready to play. And get ready to play on the swings!


Play Footie (or "Soccer")

Play Footie (or "Soccer") Photo Credit: daystar297

Grab a football and some friends and play! Reward the winners with some ice cream, or a fruit salad, or a magazine... anything they’d like, and you can afford. Half an hour of running round and adrenaline will do them, and you, a world of good!


Go for a Day out!

Go for a Day out! Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Spending the day hiking, exploring the zoo or going on a scavenger hunt is an excellent way to bond as a family as well as boosting fitness. If you go four times a year, you can get a season pass which will make it much cheaper, too!



Swimming Photo Credit: Lisa at TSS

Go swimming! Play a game such as water polo, and look at your local pools timetable to see when the kids hour is. Usually they fill the pool with inflatable and play games which will keep them entertained while you lunch!


Walk the Dog

Walk the Dog Photo Credit: Franco Ferri Mala

Grab your dog, or your neighbour’s dogs, and take them for a run. Your kids will have great fun chasing them, and you’ll get fit and keep the doggies happy too... playing fetch is a brilliant way to entertain children and dogs at the same time!



Dance Photo Credit: rustman

Join a dance class. From ballet to street, buy your uniform and start classes. It’s an excellent way to learn a new skill, tone up and increase your fitness, and you’ll make new friends too! If dance isn’t really your thing, choose something similar such as karate instead.

Staying active is really important in this digital age, so don’t be afraid of planning outside events and making your children co operate! Aim to spend at least a few hours a week outside, and at least one doing something active. Have you got an activity that will keep your children happy? Please share it with us!

Top Photo Credit: laurenlemon

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1 and 6 sound like great ideas, especially for parents who are not into physical activities as well.

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