10 Tips on Keeping Kids Safe ...


10 Tips on Keeping Kids Safe ...
10 Tips on Keeping Kids Safe ...

You can call me too protective, you can call me what you want, but I am a mother that always knows where her children are. I never let them go outside by themselves and I always check on them. I also cut their food up so they won’t choke. I teach them about safety and I keep outlets plugged up. I never let them out of my sight. I know that things can happen and it only takes a split second for it to happen. Then, you’ll be sitting there wondering what you did wrong. Well, do everything right! It doesn’t take a scientist to keep your kids safe. I see so many people letting their kids as young as three wonder around. How can they do this? I don’t know, but I know mine are safe. Below, I am going to give you 10 tips on keeping the kids safe …

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Watch then when They’re on the Computer

If they are old enough o be on the computer, then you should keep your eyes on them. There are safeguards you can buy that will prevent them from doing certain things. In fact, some browsers have an option to turn off certain stuff. Never let your kids on the computer without you around and knowing what they’re up to.


Talk to Them about Safety

It never hurts to just sit down with them and talk to them about safety. Talk to them about dos and don’ts. Tell them that there are bad people out there. Tell them they can tell you anything.


Never Talk to Strangers

If you talk to strangers, then your kids will talk to strangers, because they will think it is okay. After all, their mommy and daddy do it. Don’t act friendly and carry on conversations around your children with people you do not know. Tell your kids not to talk to strangers. My little girl doesn’t talk to strangers and if someone talks to her, she doesn’t talk back. I don’t talk to strangers and she knows not to.


Don’t Let Them Go outside Alone

Wow, do you know how many kids I see outside, playing alone? This would be lovely to a child predator! Yes, folks, there are child predators out there and you can trust me on this one. They are looking for a child that is easy to grab. They watch children for weeks before they make their move. They pick the kids who are always alone.


Don’t Let Them Walk to School

Not too long ago, a little girl was abducted walking from school. She was seven years old. Come on, would you let your seven-year old walk to school? This is not a good idea, seriously. How can you live with yourself and do this? There is a bus!


Take Them to School and Pick Them up

I like to take my daughter to school and then pick her up. This is how my mom always did it. I never rode a bus. You don’t know the type of things that go on when on a bus. I have heard some bad stories and seen bad accidents with buses. You do not want to put your child’s life in their hands. So, if possible, take them to school and pick them up. If you can’t do it, then see if the babysitter can.


Research the Babysitter

Do you have to choose a babysitter? Then you should research that babysitter. Do a background check and ask others what they think of the babysitter. If you have your doubts, then find someone else. Even if it is a family friend, you do not fully know them. You need to look at their background and ask around.


Hold Their Hand

You should always hold your kids' hand when you are in a parking lot and never let them run around in the store. I always think that if I let my little girl run around in a store, she could become a hostage. Seriously, there are some sick people out there who can grab your children and put a gun to their head. I will not be in this situation.


Lock All Doors at Night

During the night, you should lock all your doors. In fact, during the day, you should lock them too. I have seen so many stories of kids in the news who walk outside and get ran over or drown in a pool because their parents didn’t know they were outside. For that reason, you should install a bolt lock way up high on every door so that they cannot open it. I keep my doors locked at all times – so they don’t go outside and no one comes in.


Install a Security Alarm

You definitely need to install a security alarm that goes off whenever a window or door is opened. Don’t give the password to your kids, unless, of course, they are teenagers and you can trust them.

There you have 10 tips on keeping your kids safe. Am I too protective? I don’t care, my kids are safe and they know about the dangers of the world. I let my daughter watch movies where the people are bad. I don’t sugarcoat it all and make her think everything is all Disney-like. What about you? Do you have any tips on keeping your kids safe?

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