8 Tips to Childproof Your Home ...


8 Tips to Childproof Your Home ...
8 Tips to Childproof Your Home ...

Bringing "Baby" home can be nerve-wracking enough! But once they start learning to get around, it gets worse! After all, about 2.5 million kids are injured in their own home every year! So, how is one person supposed to keep "Baby" away from all the dangers that lurk in our house? Here are some tips for helping ease your worries - just a bit. Prevent injuries with basic safety tips!

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Cover Corners

Cover Corners Photo Credit: aaronsteele

Corner covers are vital as your baby learns to walk. Bumps on the head are bad enough, but bumps on the head on the corner can be scary! They make these really nifty corner covers that are soft, and slip right on, and off when the baby isn't around.


Cabinet Locks

Cabinet Locks Photo Credit: BlazerMan

Cabinets are a child's favorite place to go, and if it's just pots and pans, let em' at it. But then, there's the cleaning cabinet...and the bathroom cabinet. Can't have little Jr. spraying windex in his eyes! Install child safety locks anywhere and everywhere that you want to keep baby out of! They also make a really neat latch for the potty - to keep the little one from taking a sip of potty water!


Cover the Outlets

There is nothing more scary to me than to have my baby stick a key or one of his toys in the outlet and get shocked! So, every one of the plugs withing his reach have been covered! Now, he is old enough to learn the dangers of the plugs, so I'm not as worried, but still. A simple, plastic cover could be the only thing between your child and death - it's serious - so cover them up!


Watch the Windows

Watch the Windows Photo Credit: Jimbodiny

Did you know that every year around 18 children die from falls related to windows? On top of that, another 4,700 children will require treatment for falls from windows! It's important to keep furniture away from windows, and all windows locks. Make sure you have screens that are secure, and you teach your children the dangers of getting too close to open windows. Furthermore, keep curtains short and keep your blind cords up. They can become a choking hazard to curious toddlers.


Keep Houseplants up

Keep Houseplants up Photo Credit: houseplantscare

The room pictured is not ideal for a home with a baby. Many houseplants are poisonous if eaten, and babies are known to taste-test everything they come in contact with. So, if you have plants in the house, make sure they are up and out of the way of curious mouths!


Keep Matches up

Keep Matches up Photo Credit: Blumes

Children surprise you with how fast they learn. In no time, my son learned the art of striking a match - before he was three years old! It's important to keep matches away from the little ones. And probably, it would be a good idea to keep them from being able to see you strike the match - a lesson I learned too late!


Invest in a Safety Gate

Invest in a Safety Gate Photo Credit: Regal Lager

They're great to have around for so many things! If you have a staircase, it will keep them from tumbling on their head. If you are working near a hot stove, it will keep them out from under foot! So many uses!


Install Locks High

As kids get older, they quickly learn how to exit the home. It's a good idea to install sliding locks high on your doors, to prevent kids from going outside without you knowing! Install them high enough that they can't climb to unlock them!

I love my kids, and having one of them injured because I neglected to childproof something would devastate me. That's why I make my home as safe as is humanly possible! What about you? Do you have any more safety tips to share?

Top Photo Credit: crbassett

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