8 Basic Manners to Teach Your Child and How ...

One of the greatest compliments anyone can pay me is to say how well-mannered my daughters are. It’s true, they are both very respectful and have very gracious manners, but they didn’t learn their manners on their own, and I’ve been teaching them since they were small. Nowadays, a so many parents aren’t teaching their children manners, but it’s so important! Here are 8 basic manners, and how to teach them to your children.

1. The Magic Words

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To pull a bunny out of a hat, the magic words are “abra-cadabra,” but for everything else you want, the magic words are “please,” and then “thank you.” These are manners you can start teaching your kids when they’re only a year old… these magic words can be used everywhere, all the time. From the fast food counter to the roller skating rink to family functions to the classroom, these manners mean so much!

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