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With safety and keeping your child safe, you need to take precautions everywhere you go in this world. You need to teach your kids the safety and what they need to watch for. In our responsibly of taking care of our kids, we need to teach them how life can be. You also need to teach them about being safe on the Internet. There are tons of Internet stalkers and kidnappers, looking for a easy catch. If you want to learn about 10 Tips on Keeping Your Child Safe Online, then stay tuned.

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Parental Controls

Parental Controls Photo Credit: watersbtwak

Parental controls can stop your kids looking at bad websites and avoiding chat rooms you don't like. You can get this software from online or in your local computer store. These controls can stop access to almost anything on the internet. It's well worth the time and money to do this to your Childs computer.


Have the Talk

Have the Talk Photo Credit: forbesimages

If you allow your child on chat rooms, you need to give them the trust talk, because can't read what they say in chat rooms. However, when you read number one on my list, you will see how to log what they say. Trust is a major issue when it comes to allowing them in chat rooms. Tell them that all people could be not what they say are. No one knows what's behind that computer and on their side. They could be a women talking to you and their acting like a man.


Have the Computer near Yours

Have the Computer near Yours Photo Credit: aranarth

Desktop computers for the earlier ages are much better than a laptop. You can watch them and see what they're doing. A computer in their room could mean too much privacy and they think they can pull the trust strings. You should put them in the dining room or put them next to your desktop.


Show Them What Happens

Show Them What Happens Photo Credit: Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix)

There are movies out there that helps young teens see what happens to them, when they found out it was the wrong person. Many people have been kidnapped and drawn to other countries. You get them to watch the movie and they will see how many precautions they should take when online.


Tell Them No Online Dates Chats

Tell Them No Online Dates Chats Photo Credit: Nhỏ e..=x

Keep them away from dating chats, because they could lead to someone thinking you're older. People get tricked every day, when they meet up with people from the internet. Some can be men and some could be women acting to be men. Very hard to tell who is behind the other computer.


Avoid Webcams

Avoid Webcams Photo Credit: sangsara

Webcams can be the worst things to give a teenager. People constantly give these to their kids and don't understand what can go on behind closed doors. People can also get your location and see where your kid is. They also will get to see what your kid looks like. They could find you on the road or in the nearby town. All they have to do is look up your IP and find your address.


Safe Email Servers

Safe Email Servers Photo Credit: Appfrica

Always use an email server that’s trust worthy. You need to always check the IP's of the person you are emailing to see if they're in the place they say they are. This helps track down child predators and make sure their behind bars. Google Gmail doesn’t allow Ip's to be checked for security reasons. That's why yahoo or hotmail is the best way to go.


Never Give Location or Meeting Place

Never Give Location or Meeting Place Photo Credit: Sam Rohn - Location Scout

This is something you and your child need to discuss. You need to tell them to never give location or meeting places online. People could be listening or plotting something when they find you. You also could endanger the whole family by giving a location to your home.


Never Give Phone Number or Personal Information

Never Give Phone Number or Personal Information Photo Credit: JenWaller

Personal information can be stolen from you before you're of age of having credit. Someone could easily still your name with a simple social security number. You also should avoid allow your kid to give credit card information, unless you’re there and analyze why.


Install a Keylogger

Install a Keylogger Photo Credit: Tri Wibowo

You might call this spying, but it's something that helps you know what your kid is doing. You can install a keylogger on their computer to watch what they say. They can record the text in chat rooms and record the websites that they have went into. All the information can be stored or sent to your email. This helps millions stop children from being kidnapped and raped.

It’s very important to keep our children in a safe environment and the Internet has thousands of people that could harm their well being. Keep them safe and knowing the precautions of the internet is important. Have you tried these technique today?

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