8 Great Babysitting Tips ...

It’s easy to be a great babysitter! Babysitting is probably the number-one most popular job that teenagers have during the summer or after school and on Saturdays. It can be a challenging job, but very rewarding and a lot of fun. And unlike workiing in fast food, it won't leave you smelling like fried burgers! Here are 8 tips to make you an even better babysitter!

1. Be Responsible

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Mothers are more likely to feel safe about leaving their precious little ones with you if you show up on time, give her your cell phone number and ask for hers and a list of emergency contact numbers. Other good things to know are the location of the medicine cabinet, the last time the baby ate and/or slept, if he has a favorite toy or blanket and if there’s anyone that does not need to be allowed in the house for any reason.

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