7 Pointers to Give Your Kids before They Drive ...


7 Pointers to Give Your Kids before They Drive ...
7 Pointers to Give Your Kids before They Drive ...

When your kids finally get to the age where they are learning to drive on their own, there are some words of wisdom that you might want to pass on. These may be the exact words an adult told you at one time or something you’ve come up with on your own. However you go about passing on this information is up to you. If you need some help, then here are 7 pointers to give your kids before they drive.

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Find a Radio Station when the Car Isn’t Moving

Find a Radio Station when the Car Isn’t Moving Photo Credit: nedrichards

It’s a hard habit to break. Kids are always fiddling with the radio or CD player in the car. This is fine when they aren’t the ones driving. I’m definitely all about keeping both hands on the wheel and teaching my kids the same tactics as well. Once they become more experienced drivers, turning the radio dial won’t be such a big deal and can be done so safely.


Use the Cell Phone for Emergencies Only

Use the Cell Phone for Emergencies Only Photo Credit: izatchu

I see too many people swerving into my lane as they are talking on their cell phone. I once watched a television program where people had to drive through an obstacle course while they talked on their cell phone. Everyone who participated in this experiment made mistakes on the obstacle course. Thankfully it was a closed course and just an experiment. I always wonder how many daily accidents are caused by cell phone usage while driving.


Don’t Pick up Hitchhikers

Don’t Pick up Hitchhikers Photo Credit: Jase Wells

Most people have kicked the habit of picking up strangers on the side of the road, no matter how helpless they seem to be. I won’t even pick up people that I see walking along the road where I live and my community consists of local farmers that have been here for generation upon generation. If I actually recognize the individual, then I will give him a ride. There are very few times that I even spot a hitchhiker at all, which I’m thankful for.


Check the Air in Your Tires before You Leave

Check the Air in Your Tires before You Leave Photo Credit: elementalPaul

New drivers don’t often know the sound of a flat tire. It’s very easy for a low tire to quickly become a flat tire in a matter of minutes. There has been a few times when I pulled over to check and see if my tires had air in them, just because there was an odd sound coming from under my car. I make sure there is a tire gauge in the car and that my kids know how to read it as well.


Make Sure All Your Mirrors Are Adjusted Correctly

Make Sure All Your Mirrors Are Adjusted Correctly Photo Credit: theowl84

Being able to see out of the mirrors can’t be stressed enough. Many new drivers think that as long as they can see out of the windshield, that all is good. Have your kids practice backing up a few times and only using their side mirrors to do so. Once they realize just how useful these mirrors are, they will be more inclined to make sure they are positioned correctly each time they get into the vehicle.


Keep an Eye on the Gas Gauge

Keep an Eye on the Gas Gauge Photo Credit: jases10

I might just be paranoid, but I like to have no less than half a tank of gas in my car. As soon as it drops below this, I’m off to the gas station. I tell my kids to be aware of how much fuel they have each time they get ready to drive. If they are going to the next town, then stopping by the gas station and topping off the tank is a good idea. I’ve never been stuck on the side of the road without a way to get fuel and I hope my kids never end up in that situation either.


Wear Your Seatbelt

Wear Your Seatbelt Photo Credit: juandesant

I’m constantly reminding my kids to wear their seatbelts and to make sure that all their friends also have them fastened. So many of their friends think that it’s not ‘cool’ to wear a seatbelt, but I remind my kids that they won’t be too ‘cool’ if they fly out of the windshield either. We live in an area where deer are always jumping out in front of cars. Many human lives have been saved by the simple action of buckling a seatbelt.

I’m sure many of these 7 pointers to give your kids before they drive have already been uttered in your household; numerous times. I try not to be too much of a pest to my kids, but their safety has always been my main concern in life. Do you have any pointers that you have given to your kids in the past, when it came to driving? How did they respond to your advice?

Top Photo Credit: AndWhyNot

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