7 Pointers to Give Your Kids before They Drive ...

When your kids finally get to the age where they are learning to drive on their own, there are some words of wisdom that you might want to pass on. These may be the exact words an adult told you at one time or something you’ve come up with on your own. However you go about passing on this information is up to you. If you need some help, then here are 7 pointers to give your kids before they drive.

7. Find a Radio Station when the Car Isn’t Moving

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Photo Credit: nedrichards

It’s a hard habit to break. Kids are always fiddling with the radio or CD player in the car. This is fine when they aren’t the ones driving. I’m definitely all about keeping both hands on the wheel and teaching my kids the same tactics as well. Once they become more experienced drivers, turning the radio dial won’t be such a big deal and can be done so safely.

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