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7 Things That No-One Told You about Getting Older ...

By Jennifer

You know, I’m actually okay with being almost 40. I like my body more than I ever have, and I rather like being called “ma’am” by waiters and cashiers. And everyone else. But there are a few things about getting older that have come as quite a shock, things I wish someone would have warned me about. Curious? Keep reading. Here’s my list of 7 things no-one told me about getting older…

1 Acne

AcnePhoto Credit: ツMaaar -off-

I thought once I was firmly into my adult years, my teenaged acne would retreat, fly off and bother someone younger. But no. Even now, as I approach 40, I still get blemishes… luckily, though, I know which products to use to combat acne AND wrinkles… though it still seems unfair to have to worry about both at once…

2 Gas!

Gas!Photo Credit: ~ Paige ~

Oh dear God, I can’t believe I’m about to post this, right there on the Internet, but here goes: when you get older, you get gassy. There, I said it. Now you know. Those bean burritos you used to scarf down at Taco bell after a night at the club? Not a good idea, trust me…

3 Hair… in Odd Places…

Hair… in Odd Places…Photo Credit: little dynamite

Oh, sure, we all know we’re going to be getting gray hair. But did you know that soon, you’ll be getting one or two odd hairs in very strange places? Like, oh, the tip of your sweet little chin? Or one that grows all odd out of the back of your arm? What’s that all about? I suppose that’s why I carry tweezers in my handbag…

4 Sleep Schedule

Sleep SchedulePhoto Credit: digitalgopher

My Gran is up at five o’clock in the morning, eats dinner at four, and is ready for bed at eight. And you know what? I’m getting to be that way too. It’s awful; I can hardly keep my eyes open for my favorite prime-time show at 9!

5 Make-up Weirdness

Make-up WeirdnessPhoto Credit: _Neverletmego_

I used to be able to wear an eyeliner crayon, but not anymore. Now I use liquid, because the crayon smears and smudges all funny. I complained of this to my mother, who told me, kindly, that it’s my eyelids, not the liner, that’s changed. She’s right. Ugh. Same thing with lip liner and lipstick.

6 Wrinkles All over

Wrinkles All overPhoto Credit: yellowrubberduck

Not only will you get wrinkles around your eyes, but you’ll start to notice them in other places, too… like on your hands, and feet… and knees?!? Oh my.

7 Gray Hairs

Gray HairsPhoto Credit: laurenlemon

Oh, yes. Gray hairs. But… yes, you’ll be getting them on your head… just be aware that you might end up getting them in other places, too… and that, my dear, is VERY disconcerting. VERY.

Yeah. I know, right? Ick. But honestly, it’s not all bad. I rather enjoy my new-found passion for bran flakes. And soon, I can get the senior discount! And there’s something to be said for liquid eyeliner… have you noticed anything else as you’ve grown older, something you wish someone would have told you? Please share… I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one!

Top Photo Credit: kaitlin h

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