9 Things to Keep in Your Diaper Bag ...


9 Things to Keep in Your Diaper Bag ...
9 Things to Keep in Your Diaper Bag ...

If you’re a new parent, you’re probably getting all kinds of unsolicited advice from everyone you know, including your own parents, friends, and even from total strangers. Now it’s my turn to give a piece of advice: keep Cheerios on hand. Take them with you everywhere. In fact, here’s a list you might find handy… the eight things (including those life-saving Cheerios) to keep in your diaper bag!

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Naturally, you ought to keep at least three diapers in your diaper bag, along with a plastic bag to help dispose of dirty or wet diapers once you make a change. Make sure you replace the diapers in your bag as your child changes sizes, to make sure you have diapers that will actually fit, too.



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It’s also important to keep a container of baby wipes in your diaper bag. They’re great for cleaning up at diaper changes, but they’re also perfect for cleaning up your baby’s hands and face… or even mommy’s or daddy’s hands and faces!

P.S: They also work great as makeup removers!



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Your diaper bag could also use a bottle of water, again, for cleaning up, but also for diluting juices and for drinking if baby, mommy, or daddy get thirsty. Make sure that once the bottle is open, you replace it with a new bottle.



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I don’t know why, but all babies everywhere love Cheerios. The tiny round shape makes them a perfect first finger food, and babies seem to love the taste. Moms and dads like them because they’re healthy snacks, with whole grains and low sugar. Keep a container in your diaper bag for snacks, and keep baby happy!


Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

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Diaper rash is miserable, and no matter how often and carefully you change your baby’s diaper, she’ll eventually get diaper rash. Soothe the rash and help it heal with this funny-named ointment. It works wonders, so keep it in your diaper bag.


Burp Cloths

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Younger babies especially tend to spit up a lot, less if they’re breast-fed, but even then, often enough. Keep a couple of clean burp cloths in your diaper bag to prevent getting splash or splotched while feeding baby.


Book or Toy

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It’s also a great idea to keep one or two books or toys in your diaper bag to keep baby entertained. Keep a duplicate of a favorite hand toy or a bedtime book on hand, and baby won’t ever complain of boredom. And by complain, I mean fuss!


Changing Pad

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If only every bathroom and powder room had a changing table! Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You’ll need to keep a changing pad in your diaper bag for urgent changes in odd places like the back seat of a car or say a park bench. You’ll find yourself a diapering pro with the right pad, and with enough practice.


Baby Sun-Block

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This is one of the things you may mean to put in your diaper bag just for going to the beach, but really, you ought to keep it on hand to use whenever you take baby outside, even if it’s just for a walk. Don’t like sunscreen? Then keep a light-weight long-sleeved tee and a hat, preferably a floppy sunhat in your diaper bag instead!

Keep all of these items, plus a book or munchie for mom or dad, and you’ll have the best-stocked diaper bag of any new parent you know. So, a quick check… which of these do you already have in your diaper bag? Or is there something else you know you’ll need? Please share!

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the bags you have in the picture are super cute!

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