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5 White Closet Must-Haves...

By Meream

1 White Gladiator Sandals

Who cares if gladiators are no longer that trendy? A white pair is an absolute must for summer. I have a pair and I wear them all the time these days.

2 White Gown

A white gown that is not a wedding gown, of course. You may not be invited to a red carpet shindig like Kate here but there are still some strictly formal events that you might need a white gown for.

3 White Shirt

What could be more casual yet chic than a white shirt just like this one? It has that sexy, "yes-I-wake-up-this-fab" look, doesn't it?


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4 White Sweater

I like the simple white sweater that Emily is wearing here. Styled properly, a white sweater can make you look "Audrey Hepburn chic."

5 White Shorts

What better way to welcome the summer than wearing white shorts? The Forever21 pair here costs only $5.80 so I suggest you get at least 3.

Top Photo Credit: ldhren

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