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5 Turquoise Summer Essentials...

By Meream

1 for Your Nails

Turquoise nail polish? Yes please! Chanel points turquoise as one of the shades for your nails this summer. Check out this post for more shade options.

2 for Covering up

This turquoise smocked top is just too sweet to pass up. The brilliant color, the details, the shape! This is definitely a summer must-have.

3 for Strutting at the Beach

Get a pair of turquoise bikini similar to the one Halle is rocking here. The color goes well with her skin tone, doesn't it?

4 for Your Neck

You may not be a big fan of summer scarves but this fun turquoise one (last photo) may just make you change your mind. The print is utterly lovely.

5 for Your Eyes

Looking for stunning beach makeup ideas? Why don't you try turquoise on your eyelids? You will look summer sassy sexy, for sure.

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