7 Items Every Mom Should Carry in the Diaper Bag ...

Every Mom everywhere knows that at some point, something will happen that you are totally unprepared for. A spill, a leak, a trip that took longer than planned — whatever it may be could leave you in a terrible bind! You may not be the most prepared person in the world, nor the most organized. But here's a list of 7 items every Mom should carry in the diaper bag (outside of obvious things like diaper, wipes and formula!) that could save you a lot of worries and aggravation!

1. Extra Clothes

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It quite honestly surprised me to recently find out how few Mothers actually carry an extra change of clothes. Really now, poop happens. So does vomit and spilled milk. So keep an extra change of clothes for your baby handy! Plus you never know when grandma will volunteer to keep junior overnight. Be prepared for that much-needed break! A good idea might even be to keep and extra t-shirt for your self in the bottom of your bag if you have room, especially if your child is very colicky.

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