7 Items Every Mom Should Carry in the Diaper Bag ...


7 Items Every Mom Should Carry in the Diaper Bag ...
7 Items Every Mom Should Carry in the Diaper Bag ...

Every Mom everywhere knows that at some point, something will happen that you are totally unprepared for. A spill, a leak, a trip that took longer than planned — whatever it may be could leave you in a terrible bind! You may not be the most prepared person in the world, nor the most organized. But here's a list of 7 items every Mom should carry in the diaper bag (outside of obvious things like diaper, wipes and formula!) that could save you a lot of worries and aggravation!

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Extra Clothes

It quite honestly surprised me to recently find out how few Mothers actually carry an extra change of clothes. Really now, poop happens. So does vomit and spilled milk. So keep an extra change of clothes for your baby handy! Plus you never know when grandma will volunteer to keep junior overnight. Be prepared for that much-needed break! A good idea might even be to keep and extra t-shirt for your self in the bottom of your bag if you have room, especially if your child is very colicky.


Disposable Diaper Sacks

There's nothing worse than changing baby's diaper in a car, or any other place where you don't have a way to dispose of it. Then it sets there and reeks in your face until you can toss it in the trash - that is if you don't forget and leave it in the bottom of the diaper bag till the next trip to the grocery store! Here's the solution for this problem: disposable diaper sacks. They are miniature sacks that you can place diapers in and tie it shut so the odor stays inside. These bags are usually scented powder fresh and can be found at any retail store in the baby section.


Gas Drops

Gas Drops Photo Credit: AndreJenny.com

If your little one suffers from severe tummy aches or gets gassy easily, this is one medicine you don't want to leave home without! Little Tummies gas drops are by far the best and most natural gas drops available for infants, but any will do. Shortly after you administer them, baby will be back to his jolly old self and your nerves will be saved rather than shot! It's also a good idea to carry baby Tylenol and Orajel, especially if your baby is teething.


Diaper Ointment

Diaper Ointment Photo Credit: are you my rik?

It's always smart to carry this essential in your bag! Diaper rashes can be painful and your sweet bundle of joy may not be so joyful if he or she has one. Diaper cream will soothe an irritated bottom and put a smile back on baby's face! Be sure that you find a brand that doesn't give your baby an allergic reaction, which would just cause further discomfort.



Even if your baby is an infant and doesn't even know what toys are yet, get into the practice of carrying some around because soon enough, you'll be needing them! It can be very frustrating when you are in the car or trying to grocery shop and your sweetheart is fussy and unhappy. Toys can keep him occupied and happy so you can finish what you started. Look for smaller toys that will be easy for baby's tiny fingers to grip and toys that make music or squeaks to hold his attention longer. Please use caution and check that any toys you give your child have no choking hazards.



Thermometer Photo Credit: MendotaVista

When infants get a fever it's a scary thing. If you suspect a temperature, you should check it out immediately and if so, get to a doctor as quickly as possible. With the wide range of digital thermometers available to us today it will be easy and simple to check your baby's temp. One way to cut down on spreading germs to your baby unintentionally is to carry a bottle of Germ X in your diaper bag and use it every time you leave a public place, handle money, eat, use the toilet, or come in physical contact with someone.


Disposable Baby Washcloths

Disposable Baby Washcloths Photo Credit: DreamersWeb

Disposable baby washcloths are the next best things invented since white bread! They have come in handy so many times for me in the past when I've babysat siblings or neighborhood children and when I worked at a local daycare center. They come with soap already on them and you simply wet them down and use them, then toss them away! It's so simple and great for when a wipe just won't do the trick. Mom, you can even use these on yourself, your face or arms or underarms on a particularly sweaty day to feel refreshed! Keep a bottle of distilled water in your diaper bag so that if you aren't near a faucet, you can still clean up!

I'm sure that for new moms especially, its an exhausting (albeit rewarding) job just trying to get yourself back to normal and adjust to having a baby around. This is one less thing you can worry about! With these suggestions you will be the most prepared mom with the best-stocked diaper bag in the whole playgroup! Did any of these tips help you out?

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