7 Items to Carry with You on Campus ...

If you are a student, and your timetable is full of gaps between lectures, you will know just how important it is to keep a well-stocked bag of essentials with you at all times. While the campus of a college or university is a great place to be most of the time, it’s also, inevitably, the site of a lot of crowds, queues and hanging around. In fact, the average uni work day is bound to involve a good few bouts of boredom and to help you to deal with these, I’ve had a think and put together a list of 7 items to carry with you on campus – apart from the obvious notebooks, pens and paper, of course.

1. Music and Headphones

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An iPod is a really useful item to carry with you on campus. I’m always plugged into mine – except, obviously, during actual classes. If you’re sitting in the library, for example, and the students around you are being a little less than quiet, simply slip on your earphones and some background music. Then, voila -- your problem is solved.

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