Top 7 Colleges Where Hipsters Can Be Hip


Top 7 Colleges Where Hipsters Can Be Hip
Top 7 Colleges Where Hipsters Can Be Hip

Hipsters are taking over the universe – and the universities. I've got nothing against hipsters myself – at least, nothing I'm willing to say to their faces – but, with school back in session, I thought y'all might like to know which colleges and universities are the most popular for this particular social group. Next year, you might want to apply to them … or avoid them at all costs, depending on your preference. At any rate, here are the top 7 colleges where hipsters can be hip!

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Grinnell College

Grinnell is in Iowa – what's so hipster-iffic about that? Well, because it's Iowa, of course. It's not cool yet, so if you go there, you'll be setting a trend. You can revel in the irony. And in all honesty, the atmosphere on campus is extremely liberal, so you can wear all the skinny jeans and ironic tees you want!


The University of Georgia

This is actually an odd choice, since UGA is considered one of the biggest party schools in the United States. Most students list their hobbies as football and beer. If you've read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you know how important the Dawgs are. Surprisingly, however, the hipster population there is quite large as well, primarily due to the fact that Athens, GA, is close by, and against all odds, it's like a mecca for hipsters. Plus, R.E.M. was born there! Everybody hurts sometimes.


Portland State University

As Seattle was important to the grunge scenesters of my youth, Portland is important to the hipster movement. Hipsters are so prevalent at this university that they have their own food guides and bars! It is said that even the librarians in the libraries are given to hipsterism. Wow.


Prescott College

Located in Arizona, Prescott is a liberal arts college that is known for being very environmentally conscious. Typically, hipsters who also enjoy the outdoors are attracted to it. I actually think that's kind of awesome because, as current students point out, the college doesn't waste a lot of money on stadiums and sports. Because that would be better spent on scholarships and things. Go figure!



If you watch Project Runway, you know all about Parsons. It's not no surprising that scads of hipsters come to worship in its hallowed halls. As a design school, the environment is totally hip. In addition to learning tons of important design techniques, students actually also learn how to spot hipsters in their natural habitats.

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Brown University

I had no idea this was a popular hipster university – but you know, plenty of hipsters are highly intelligent. Rhode Island itself is a popular hipster destination, Family Guy notwithstanding, and Brown is like their congregation point. Lisa Loeb went there, you know, and Miss Emma Watson has graced its halls as well. But Emma is not a hipster. She is a goddess.


The University of Chicago

Fall Out Boy states that Chicago is so two years ago, but hipsters are bringing it back in style. It has been said that more “severe” hipsters attend the University of Chicago. I'm not sure whether that means they like their learning a lot, they'll kick your butt, or if they're just, you know, really hardcore. I'd go and see for myself, but “severe” personality types and I don't get along well at all.

If you're a hipster looking for a university that will cater to your individuality while you get your learn on, then here you go. Honestly, these are all excellent institutions, every single one of them, but just as some colleges are perfect refuges for writers, poets, engineers, LGBT youths, or tech heads, these just happen to be ideal bastions of learning for members of the hipster subculture. Are you attending – or would you like to – any of these top colleges where hipsters can be hip? What's your absolute favorite university?

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