7 Ways to Cut School Expenses ...

Though important, school can be entirely too expensive! School books alone cost a fortune! So how does one cut down on the amount of money we spend on school? Here are 7 ways you can cut school expenses.

1. Buy Used Books Rather than New Ones

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Whether new or used, books are books. But the price of used books is a huge amount less than that of brand new ones. Another idea if you can't find used ones is to buy new ones and sell them again at the end of the year and make some of the money back.

2. Buy Supplies on Sale

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Many times, right after school starts, there is a big sale on all school supplies. Stock up then on supplies for the coming months of school and the beginning of the following school year. To spend a little money now is to save more money in the future.

3. Watch What You Eat

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To choose the old-fashioned sandwich, chips, fruit or veggie bites and drink over overpriced Lunchables and other popular lunch foods is a wise choice for parents buying food for school kid's lunch. On the same wise, college students should consider buying healthy meals to cook at home rather than eating out all week.

4. Save Your Change

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Change can add up fast. Every day when you come in, drop your pocket change in a mason jar. In a few months, you could have upto $20 saved up! Maybe more!

5. Transportation

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College students can save gas money by relying on their feet to get them around. Not only does it save money, walking is also more healthy than driving around everywhere. If you must go somewhere in a car, carpool whenever possible.

6. Watch You Cell Phone Bill

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Cell phone bills are one of the biggest bills a family will pay. If you have school age children, get them on a pay by use plan and limit their monthly calls and texts or get them a prepaid phone. Too much calling and texting isn't good anyway. If you're a college age student, just chipping in and helping to pay your part of your parents plan may come out cheaper than paying your own plan. If you choose to pay for your own, getting a prepaid card each month will probably save you quite a bit in extra costs.

7. Go Thrifty

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Shopping at name-brand stores does not save money at all, and there are times when you can find super-nice name-brand clothes in a thrift store at a fraction of the cost of it brand new. So next time, shop at Goodwill instead of Aeropostale or American Eagle!

Saving money is something that is more on every one's to-do list nowadays. Times are tough, and we know that, but sometimes, we still have difficulty cutting out some things that we have grown used to that we really don't need. What do you do to save money?

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