7 Tips Needed for Those Going Back to School ...


It's almost time to go back to school again and it’s time to prepare. You need to know what teachers they have and the stuff they need to buy. Let me give you some tips that you need to consider when it's time to go back to school. Read my 7 Tips Needed for Those Going Back to School…

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Clothes Shopping

Clothes Shopping Photo Credit: Holland Fabric House

Every payday during the months of no school, you should by clothes for the upcoming school year. Some kids grow during the summer and this causes you to buy clothes that's to short or too big. If you know your kid size and would like them to fit at the end of the summer, you should always go one size up. This is called planning ahead of time and makes shopping for clothes later on easier.


School Supplies

School Supplies Photo Credit: Claudia Snell

Always pick the best school supplies for your kid. It's important to help them be able to do everything they want to do to learn. Get them high grade pencils or even a good backpack that other kids won't have. School time might mean more money being shelled out, but our kids are very important and deserve the best.


Bed Time Schedule

Bed Time Schedule Photo Credit: ecpica

Have them ready for school with a good sleep pattern. They need their sleep to learn and be energetic the next day. You can get them sleeping on time at a certain time at night and keep to that time to assure their healthy and ready for the next day. When they sleep at different hours or they been up to long, they have lost sleep and could cause failed test.


Make Them Be Excited to Go

Make Them Be Excited to Go Photo Credit: Bill Ward's Brickpile

A kid that likes to go to school is a happy learner. When they like going to school they will learn better and strive for a better goal. This why it's important to hold a good positive attitude towards school to your kids. It's important to our kids to learn and have a social life.



Shoes Photo Credit: *Micky

This is something different then clothes and shoes are important to a kids well being. They keep them walking and comfortable to stand, run or even sit. The right fashion of shoes can make you popular to other kids and buying a good brand could cause your kids to be happier.


Make Sure They're Ready

Make Sure They're Ready Photo Credit: Sion Fullana (iPhoneographer in NYC)

What I mean by ready, is the simple terms of having the right clothes, shoes, backpack, and supplies. You also need to see if they are set mental for school. Telling them school is fun and telling them how much fun you had in school will help them like school and stay positive.


Have a Plan

Have a Plan Photo Credit: Mike Rohde

When I say plan I mean where to meet for pickup for school or even what to do in case of emergency. For younger children going to school, you should tell the teacher or give them a reference what to do in case of an emergency. You can buy a cell phone for your child when they get to an age to contact you. Some schools are allowing texting, because its mostly to tell mom and dad how they are doing.

It's always important to make sure our children have a education and best of all the right stuff to acquire it. Many people that have kids can tell you school time is something that needs planning. You need to know where to shop or even what to do. I hope these tips helped you with some things to think about. Are you ready this year for your children to go back to school?

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