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9 Useful Tips for the College Student ...

By Aprille

Being a student can be difficult enough with all of the subjects that you are taught and the information that you need to remember for exams and assignments. So here are 9 useful tips for the college student.

9 Have a Good Time, Enjoy Your Studies

Have a Good Time, Enjoy Your StudiesPhoto Credit: *Cake

You should enjoy your studies, you are only a student for a short period of time and you should enjoy that time before you end up in full-time employment with large responsibilities. Studying is important but so is knowing when to take a break, take some time out occasionally to relax.

8 Write Several Essay Drafts before the Final Piece

Write Several Essay Drafts before the Final PiecePhoto Credit: r1c3y

Many people, for whatever reason, do not write drafts which in my opinion is not the best way to write an essay. You should always rewrite your work several times to produce your best assignment, as you will often find that when you reread your own work there is some way that you can improve it.

7 Form Study Groups with Friends

Form Study Groups with FriendsPhoto Credit: qisur

Study groups are a really good way to learn, especially with friends, as you can discuss different topics and listen to a different perspective. It is likely that if you do not fully understand a topic one of your friends can explain it to you and if they do not understand you can explain to them.

6 Use the Traffic Light System in Exams

Use the Traffic Light System in ExamsPhoto Credit: Mrs. FireMom

The traffic light system is a very good technique to use in exams. What you do is quickly scan through all of the questions, you mark those that you can answer straight away with a green pen, those that you can answer but may need a bit of time to think in orange. Lastly those questions that you think are the most difficult you mark in red. Then go through the questions answering all those marked with green first, then amber and the red, this way you will not run out of time.

5 Cue Cards Are a Revision Necessity

Cue Cards Are a Revision NecessityPhoto Credit: epape

I find that cue cards are an essential revision tool especially when you have a lot of different key words to remember or mathematical formulas. On one side of the cue card you write the key word or formula and on the other side you write the definition. This can also be very useful when having to learn rather long quotes.

4 Work Experience Will Look Good on Your Resume

Work Experience Will Look Good on Your ResumePhoto Credit: myresumebear

When at college your studies come first. However if you are able to find some work experience during your holidays then this will look good on your resume and help you to stand out from the crowd.

3 Set a Revision Timetable Well in Advance

Set a Revision Timetable Well in AdvancePhoto Credit: -Snugg-

In my opinion a revision timetable can really help you to organise your time effectively. This timetable should be created as soon as you know when your exams are going to be. Ideally create a spreadsheet showing what subject you will study and at what time.

2 If Uncertain about Something Always Ask

If Uncertain about Something Always AskPhoto Credit: stina jonsson

Whenever your teacher or lecturer goes through something and you do not understand it, do not be afraid to ask questions. They are happy when students do this because it means that they are thinking about what they are being taught and are not just being spoon fed information.

1 Learn How to Prioritise Tasks Effectively

Learn How to Prioritise Tasks EffectivelyPhoto Credit: K?????

Prioritising workloads is an extremely important skill to learn because it allows you to complete your work without having to rush through everything at the last minute. It also enables you to have some spare time on your hands to be able to do what you want to do and have a break from studying.

There you have 9 useful tips for college students. These tips should help to take some of the pressure off of you during your studies and hopefully help you to achieve good results in your exams.

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