8 Reasons to Go Back to School ...


8 Reasons to Go Back to School ...
8 Reasons to Go Back to School ...

This blog is intended for kids looking for positive things to go back to school for. If I had the chance to go back to school, I would. My mind was like a sponge, but now it's not like it was. Focus on school and make your goals be more than a dream. Read my blog post 8 Reasons to Go Back to School…

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Something to do

Something to do Photo Credit: Andrew T...

Who likes sitting at home all the time and thinking of what to do. You can go to school and have fun with many activities. Although with school you have homework or even test during certain times of the year. This isn't a total downfall. At the end of the year you will get awarded for good work.



Sports Photo Credit: laffy4k

Sports are another reason to go to school. You can enjoy playing for a team for free and sometimes go to college for it. If you're good at the sport. Track and field was always a fun sport to play or even basketball. You get to go to after school activities or practice. Many different pros to go back to school.


Band or Other Art Activities

Band or Other Art Activities Photo Credit: Adam Foster | Codefor

Band or art class was always a blast at my school. You get to play instruments or even make neat sculptures. These classes were always hands on and made me want to go to school every day. You get to learn many new things about art and how to play new instruments.


Science Class or Biology

Science Class or Biology Photo Credit: Evan Pickett

These are some of my favorite subjects that I like going to class everyday for. You can cut up a frog or make chemical reactions. How fun is that? Very fun when you learn about each mineral and material that has a reaction to some sort of chemical. You also get to learn the anatomy of a frog or something else. You won't get any other chances like this. Although, it's sad to see a frog get cut up.


Makes You Smarter

Makes You Smarter Photo Credit: cobalt123

Who doesn't like to be smart? Smart people make it better in this world, because you know how to make money or tell people about things you learn. If you learn and focus on school and make straight A's in school, you will be going to a good college.


To Find You Goal in Life

To Find You Goal in Life Photo Credit: Ian Lambert

Many kids go to school to see what they like the most and what they want to go for when they get older. Even though it's something you do later in life and learn during your high school years, you still can think and dream. Your goals are important when you grow up to see what you want to be in this world.


It's the Law

It's the Law Photo Credit: neorendition

The law as a child under the age of sixteen has to go to school. Your parents can be put in jail for you not going to school. You will find that in some states, they don't allow kids to quit school and have the drivers license at the same time. You have to get to the age of 18 before you get your license if you quit early. This only happens for some states. However, don't be a quitter.


Social Life and Friends

Social Life and Friends Photo Credit: fluffballs

Time to go back and get a boyfriend! Na, social life is way past boyfriend and girlfriend. You should go back for your friends and tell them how your summer is. This was always my favorite thing to talk about to my friends when it was time to go back to school. However, with technology today, you will find people stay more connected through the Internet and already know how the summer is before school starts again.

Going back to school is the most exciting part of the year. You get to have fun with friends and get to go home to tell your mom and dad. Many kids don't have reasons to go back to school, but you as a parent should change that and tell them how good school can be. Do you find these to be good reasons to go back to school?

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