Top 12 Ways to Go Green ...

By now we all know we ought to be doing something to help preserve our planet. But it can be so confusing… like, which is actually better for the environment, paper or plastic? Isn’t there something easy we can all do to make a difference? Yes! Here are my favorite easy ways to be green…

1. Check out the Package

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When you purchase food items at the grocery store, think about the packaging. Do you need individually packaged oatmeal or chips, or can you buy one big container or bag instead? All those tiny wrappers or packages inside one larger one are so wasteful!

2. Recycle

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In some states, empty soda and beer cans and bottles can be returned for cash per piece. In most communities, empty plastic bottles (like from shampoo), cardboard (like cereal boxes), paper (like newspaper) and cans (like soup cans) can be recycled right at the curb! How easy is that?

3. Buy Local

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If you buy produce or meat from local farmers, food from other places won’t have to be trucked in, using air-polluting fossil fuels. You’ll also enjoy fresher food, and you’ll be supporting your local economy. Perfect!

4. Ditch the Bags

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The next time the bagger at the grocery store asks “paper or plastic?” you can say “neither!” Bring your own re-usable tote bags, which are better for the environment (no trees felled for making paper bags, or those nasty plastic bags for you)… and much more stylish! I keep a bunch of them in the trunk of my car for other shopping too, so if I make a quick trip to H&M, I’m prepared!

5. Walk or Bike

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If you just have a quick, close errand or two to run, walk or bike instead! You’ll save fuel, which saves pollution, and you’ll stay fit!

6. Condense the Ride

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Map out your errands and driving route ahead of time to make sure you’re getting everything done as easily, and efficiently, as possible. You can also try car-pooling.

7. Go Efficient

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Most old appliances, like washers and refrigerators, are terribly inefficient, meaning they use a lot more electricity or water than they need to. Newer appliances can save energy and water AND money!

8. Ding! Light Bulb!

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Those spirally energy-efficient light bulbs may look odd, but they last practically forever, and use a lot less energy. Make the switch!

9. Donate Your Duds

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Instead of throwing away your old clothing, home goods, and shoes, donate them instead!

10. Shorten the Shower

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It’s hard to resist a long, steamy-hot shower, but if you cut the shower a little short, you can save water!

11. Support the Good Guys

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If you know a company that is eco-friendly, buy their products over a company that doesn’t. For example, a there’s a grocery store by my house that uses a wind turbine instead of the power grid to provide electricity to their store, so I shop there.

12. Volunteer

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If there’s a green cause you love, support them by volunteering your time!

See? It’s not hard to go green, once you know how! How have you done your part to save the environment? What’s your favorite way to save the planet? Please let me know… I’ll give it a try!

Top Photo Credit: Batikart

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