7 Video Games Coming out ...


7 Video Games Coming out ...
7 Video Games Coming out ...

It’s almost time for Christmas and that means loads of new titles will be coming out. I’m going to remind you some good to get games for yourself or someone you love for Christmas this year….

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Star Wars the Force Unleashed II

Star Wars the Force Unleashed II Photo Credit: D34th

Coming out October 26 2010

X box 360, Wii, PS3

When you thought it was all over with the first, you were wrong. Darth Vador on Kamino has been cloning copies of the apprentice that died in the first one to save the people that save the rebellion. You are a clone that remembers what happen to his apprentice and want answers that could help him learn more about what happen. This game is a must buy I say for any star wars fan.


The Sims 3

The Sims 3 Photo Credit: M.Calero

Coming out October 26 2010

X box 360, Wii, PS3

You might say it’s out already, but this is the first to hit the gaming consoles outside of the PC. Sims 3 is coming out soon and is going to be a good game to get your wife or friends.


Fable III

Fable III Photo Credit: jmlesjeuxvideo

Coming out October 26 2010

X box 360

Fable 3 is going to be one of the best of the series, because you set the way you want your story to be. You can always be evil a mercenary or a hero that saves the world, but they made the choice and decisions you make important to how you want to play the game this time around. I think they will make this fable the best one yet.


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops Photo Credit: csi_ice

Coming out November 9 2010

X box 360, PS3

Call of duty is back and ready to make it big again. A lot of people liked the modern warfare series and now it’s back. The multiplayer and campaign both have exciting features and the ranking/points system is going to rock. Like the battlefield bad company 2 or halo reach point system. However, it’s a bit different and this will help you unlock weapons of your choice quicker and not determine by your rank.


James Bond: Goldeneye 007

James Bond: Goldeneye 007 Photo Credit: iheartlasers

Coming out November 2 2010


I don’t know if anyone remembers the older Nintendo 64 version of golden eye, but it rocked for its time. They decided to bring this game back, but focus on making it better. The multiplayer is going to rock just like it did in the past. This is a perfect game to get your family and play on family night.


God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Photo Credit: PlayStation.Blog

Coming out November 2 2010


The God of war series has always been a exciting game and well worth series to play. The ghost of Sparta is based on kratos being haunted by nightmares and searching for answers why. You take a epic journey and fight many mythical creatures along the way.


Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Photo Credit: PlayStation.Blog

Coming out November 11 2010

X box 360

Assassin’s creed has always inspired me from the first game of the series and even more from the second one. Ezio is back and ready for more epic adventures. He sets his sights on Rome and wants to end the corruption amongst of templar’s and renew the order. The game also has a new exciting multiplayer that allows you to be able to be any character you want to show the people around the world your skills as an assassin over x box live.

Christmas is almost here and these are some titles to tell your partner to get you or to get your kids. All these games listed are the ones that caught my eye that I want these upcoming few months. Can you wait for this to come out?

Top Photo Credit: PlayStation.Blog

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Oh, Aprille, I like your list - excellent games. I know you didn't forget about Cataclysm! :-) ~Mel

You forgot Cataclysm!

I love Sims 3 too bad that i send more time trying to fix the bugs and errors that come with the game instead of actually playing it! Good list ^^

I can't wait to play god of war I love every thing about that game even though the last one for the psp was a little bit of a let down that's cool ill forgive them lol

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