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8 Video Game Characters I Adore ...

By Jennifer

I love playing video games that are part of a series, mostly because I tend to get attached to certain characters. My favorites are often from role playing games, but some are platforms — it’s all about the character development! Here are 8 video game characters I adore…

1 Yuna from FFX and FFX-II

Yuna is gentle, kind, tough and determined. She’s also gorgeous, and incredibly smart. Is it any wonder she tops my list of favorite video game characters? I love the way she develops throughout both games, and I always thought the “perfect” ending of the second game was the best — she doesn’t need a man, not even Tidus! I love most of the characters from the entire Final Fantasy series, but Yuna is my favorite. Of course, there’s Lulu, Fran, Aeris…

2 Farmville Sheep

Okay, I know these sheep aren’t actual playable characters, but they’re so freakin’ cute! There are little sheep for everything, every season, holiday, and theme you can think of, and I collect them all. My favorite is probably the miner sheep or the grape sheep. Eek! So cute!

3 Lara Croft

She’s the ultimate bad-ass, a combination of Indiana Jones and James Bond, only even better — she’s a girl! There’s no puzzle, obstacle, or bad guy she can’t get past. And I’m thrilled that Crystal has finally re-made Lara… I can’t wait to play the new game!

4 Toejam & Earl

These two characters date back to the very early 1990s, funky semi hip-hop aliens who just want to assemble their rocket and get back home. They have to confront distracted shopping cart moms, lawn-mowing dads, goofy Cupids, and more, with such weapons and accessories as root beer and rocket skates. I love them!

5 Ico

Ico (with his little horn-hat) is innocent, sweet, and somewhat awkward, an intensely believable pre-teen boy. As much as I wanted to include Raziel from the “Soul Reaver” series or Dante from “Devil May Cry,” Ico is a much deeper action hero.

6 Snake

I don’t’ know what it is I love about Snake. He’s certainly not very friendly. Or handsome. But he’s charming in his way, and in any fight, I’d love for him (and his arsenal) to be on my side.

7 Joseph from “Summoner”

First of all, the original Summoner game was magnificent. It was involving, with a fantastic plot, deep characters, and more twists than a cinnamon roll. Joseph, the main character, is so well developed, he seems real, with the same flaws and fears we all have.

8 The Entire Mario Ensemble

I adore Mario and Luigi more than I ever thought I could love fictional plumbers. They’re so cute, so funny, but without being trite or flat. I’ve enjoyed almost every one of their games, from the original (was it a Donkey Kong spin-off?) to Mario Kart to the latest game for DS.

Those are just a few of my favorite video game characters, but there are so many more I like playing (or even fighting, like Seymour from Final Fantasy). Which of these characters do you like (or loathe), and why? Or is there another character you like more?

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