The 7 Most Inspiring Women Celebrities ...


The 7 Most Inspiring Women Celebrities ...
The 7 Most Inspiring Women Celebrities ...

There are so many women in the public eye but only a few of them can be called truly inspiring women celebrities. Apart from the fact that they all have tremendous wealth and have enjoyed widespread success and popularity, they have all overcome the odds to get to where they are today. That is what makes these individuals the most inspiring women celebrities of our time.

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Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah was born in rural Mississippi in a small low-income family where she had a troubled childhood of rape, abuse, child pregnancy and tragedy. Through sheer grit and determination she overcame all odds, fighting her way through school and college to end up with a career in communication. Her talk show, the Oprah Winfrey show is possibly the most popular in the world and it is all due to her honest personality, straightforward style and general likability.


J.K. Rowling

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J K Rowling, the single mother author of the Harry Potter series of books, was rejected 12 times by different publishers before a small British publishing house finally accepted it. The book went on to become an international phenomenal with millions of followers of all age groups. With just thepower of her pen, J K Rowling went from near poverty to becoming a billionaire many times over, a definite contender for one of the most inspiring women celebrities if ever there was one.


Angeline Jolie

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If it isn’t Angelina Jolie’s committed involvement as a humanitarian working tirelessly with the UN that is inspiring, it could be her generosity in adopting no less than 4 children from third world countries. If that isn’t enough, her ability to maintain her figure and beauty after having 3 children, 2 of them twins should be inspiration enough.


Maria Shriver

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Maria Shriver came from a family of politicians and public servants – the Kennedys and went on to give back to the country in more ways than one. She is the first lady of California and the driving force behind ‘The Shriver Report’ a document that examines the condition of workingwomen and their children in the state.


Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton spent 20 years supporting her husband’s relentless ambitions in the political arena, sacrificing her personal goals and dreams; and facing severe embarrassment at her husband’s indiscretions. She held herself with dignity and came out on top, serving as a New York Senator and nearly becoming the first woman President of the United States.


Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama has so many reasons to be one of the most inspiring women celebrities. She is the first black first lady of the United States and played a major role in her husband’s election win. She effectively balances raising her two girls and performing her duties as first lady, showing the nation that a woman’s job is never done.


Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore shot to fame as the little girl in E.T. and shortly after experienced a number of personal setbacks with drugs and alcohol in her early teens. Unlike most others with her background, she overcame all her personal problems to emerge as a top-notch film star, director and producer, greatly respected in the film fraternity.

Overcoming personal setbacks and starting out on an uneven footing is what made these individuals some of the most inspiring women celebrities of our time. Their stories teach us how the">"> power of perseverance and inner strength can help up achieve anything we want.

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good choices.

Why the heck are two political women I totally despise (actually, despise their husbands; PROUD REPUBLICAN HERE!) there? That will seriously light a fire inside republicans like me to see those people on this list. I'm surprised Selena Gomez isn't on here, although she's just 18.

I would like to nominate my mother as the most inspiring woman as the power of perseverance and inner strength she had can help me achieve everything I have today. Although I am in the state pen for fraud and possession of drugs if it wasn't for my dear old mom I wouldn't be there person I am now. Girl power ...

Ellen Degeneres ??

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