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7 Things on the Rise ...

By Melanie

I am going to give you 7 things on the rise today. These are things I have noticed more and more people doing or wearing. Some of these things are things that I enjoy doing each day. Continue below to see my opinion of things that are on the rise in today’s world …

7 Patterned Sequined Dresses

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I have noticed a lot of animal print sequined dresses looming around today, so these must be on the rise. Many celebrities are starting to show up in these dresses and I am not sure exactly what to think of them.

6 Lady Gaga in Your Dreams

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Oh yes, Lady Gaga appears in many people’s dreams. She is definitely on the rise today. Will she ever start to fall down and blend in with the other celebrities that had their time in the spotlight? How soon do you think that will be?

5 Postsex Showers

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Yes, postsex showers are definitely on the rise! Don’t sit there and say this has always been a trend, because while I will agree with you – I will also tell you that this is something people are starting to do that they have not done in the past. Make sense?

4 Cyber Bullying

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As technology advances and computers become readily available to those who could not afford them in the past, cyber bullying has increased. That’s okay, because there are laws against cyber bullying – it just goes to say that you need to watch what you say before you type it. Sticks and stone may break your bones and words will get you in trouble!

3 Bloggers

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Sure, you may say that this is something that is already a “trend” and it is already up there, but nonetheless, it is on the rise. More and more people are turning to blogs. Not only are they doing it for fun, but also, like me, people do it for money.

2 The Backless Dress

The Backless DressImage source:

I have noticed more and more people wearing backless dresses. That reminds me! Take note – to the girl I saw wearing a backless dress with a braw strap showing in the back, that does not look good! Especially since it was a green backless dress and a purple bra!

1 Hair Bling

Hair BlingImage source:

A glitzy accessory will help you get noticed. As many of you know, I enjoy doing different things to my hair. So, with my pink, purple and blue streaks, I am sure to add some hair bling in there somewhere! How many of you like this new trend?

Those are 7 things on the rise today. At least, that is my opinion! The one thing I really like, which I have tried is hair bling. However, you should be careful and not put too much bling in your hair. Also, if you are not careful, the bling you use could clash with something you are wearing. So, I would be happy to hear your opinion of things on the rise today. What do you like?

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