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More than Just Fancy Our Top 10 Sleek amp Ultra-Useful Gadgets for Techie Babes ...

By Mabelle

Gone are the days when gadget manufacturers used pink-colored gizmos as a way to attract their female clientele. Today, the number of women who are purchasing gadgets **are looking for something more than an eye-candy. Sure, when we buy a **laptop **computer, we prefer **pastel **or hot, bright **colors **over the boring black or grey. But we are looking for something more than that. The gadgets for today’s **techie girls should be beautiful, functional and as feature-packed as the **electronic **devices that guys practically drool over.

Here’s AllWomenTalk’s top 10 best lady gadgets for this month:

**10. Stylish Laptop Bag from Elifbag **
I know, I know, this is not exactly a gadget - but I absolutely had to squeeze this item in our top 10 best lady gadgets list. How else will you pack your stylish pink laptop without a corresponding stylish bag? The good thing about this bag it is not obvious that you are carrying your laptop with you.

This Verona laptop bag is manufactured by Elifbag, and is made from suede, top quality calfskin leather and knotted leather straps. For working women like me who are always on the go, this is an absolute must have.

**9. Philips LivingColor LED Light **
This Philips LivingColor LED Light is a great way to improve your mood. This uniquely designed lamp contains 4 LED’s - a couple of red lights, plus a blue and a green light. Each color can be reduced, dimmed or brightened to produce 16 million different color combinations! All you have to do is turn the wheel and match the color of the light to your mood and the occasion.

8. NuTouch 7-Inch Premium Digital Touch Photo Frame
The NuTouch ****Premium Digital Touch Photo Frame is just what the name implies - a digital photo frame which measures a good 7inches. Once you touch the frame, the LED-touch sensor buttons will appear so that you can control which pictures are displayed. The frame has an 800x480 pixel-resolution, a 128-MB internal memory, a USB port, a clock and a calendar function. How’s that for a supposedly ‘lame’ picture frame?

**7. USB Massager from GadgetStorm **
For the working women who are stuck behind a desk in the office for eight hours a day, you can definitely use this USB Massager from GadgetStorm. Simply plug the **massager **into a spare USB port on your laptop or PC, then massage those aches away. If you’re already suffering from a ‘pink’ overload, the massager also comes in blue and the cable runs 1.8 meters in length for added convenience.

**6. Britney - Verball Talking Internet Phone from GadgetStorm **
I’m sure you’re all wondering what this gadget is. This Troll-like device is actually a talking Internet telephone which is aptly named Britney. The Verball Internet phone is a hit for those who love using **Skype **- all you need to do is plug Britney into your USB port, download the Skype software and make endless calls for free!

**5. The Pink PC Kit **
Whether you are a Mac **or a PC user, you can use this uber-cute **Pink PC Kit from Pink ****Toolbox Co. The kit contains a wireless mini-mouse, a matching mouse pad and the pink USB dongle which you can simply plug into a spare USB port on your computer. Just press the ‘link’ button on the dongle, press the ‘link’ button on the mouse �" and you are good to go!


4 Philips - Swarovski Flash Drive **

Philips - Swarovski Flash Drive ****Swarovski **has merged with Philips to come up with a range of tech products which are designed with their exquisite crystals. This 1-GB USB flash drive is a heart-shaped tech gadget which is both sleek and fashionable. You can show this off as a necklace, or use it as a functional accessory for your key ring or bag.

3. Philips - Swarovski Active Crystals Icon In-Ear Headphones
Philips - Swarovski Flash Drive **I absolutely cannot go anywhere without my portable media player - and what better way is there to show your love for fashion and music than with this pair of earphones? This is another product which is a collaboration between **Philips **and Swarovski. Music has never looked so fashionable!

2. Olympus Stylus 850 SW Camera
Philips - Swarovski Flash Drive **Capture those funny, fashionable **and picture-perfect moments with one of these **brightly-colored cameras **from Olympus. The **Olympus Stylus 850 SW Camera is ultra-compact, has a 3 x 2.5 inch LDC screen, 8 megapixel resolution and 14.8 MB integrated memory.

**1. Pink VAIO CR Series Notebook PC in Cosmopolitan Pink **
Philips - Swarovski Flash Drive **Finally, we have reached the top of our 10 best lady gadgets list - the pink VAIO CR Series notebook PC. The notebook is pre-packed with a genuine Windows Vista **Home Premium operating system, it has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, a built-in **camera, **Bluetooth **functionality and a CD/DVD burning drive. This is something that I am absolutely drooling over!

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