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It's Finally Here the IPhone 3G ...

By Samantha

Technology **has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. I remember attending this seminar when I was a student where a rep from a **mobile company featured the next generation of mobile phones.

The video showed how a man went shopping, and he was showing his wife the items through video phone. During that time, mobile phones weren’t the nifty **gadgets **that they are now -but we could hardly believe back then that this video-thingamagee feature was even possible. That was a few years back.

Today, 3G capability is the standard among mobile phones. Even more so, the iPhone **is officially launching the second generation of the wildly popular **eye-candy-combined-with-great-functionality mobile unit which is the iPhone. This time around, it has the 3G functionality.

Here’s a video review and article by Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network:

To sum up what the author has to say about the iPhone 3G, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons.


Apple **slashed **half **the **price **of the **iPhone 3G (The 1st generation iPhone cost $399, the 2nd generation is only $199).
• The iPhone 3G has a much improved software **which has the “Applications or **Apps Store”, and you can access Microsoft Exchange
• Has GPS


• Has a weaker battery life
AT & T has raised their rates **so you may end up paying more over a **2-year contract **with the **network

I guess that it’s a matter of which features **are important for you. If the **pros **far outweigh the **cons, then you should definitely buy the iPhone 3G.

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