Top 10 First Aid Kits ...

Did you hear about the Louis Vuitton First Aid Kits? They are fabulous though I cannot seem to find those suckers anywhere! If you know where you can find them, then please send me a link when you comment. Other than that, I have the top 10 first aid kits that would be very useful in emergencies that I would like to tell you about. In this list, you are going to find not only first aid kits for humans, but I am also going to give you a first aid kit for your pets and even your vehicle. Ready? Here we go...

1. Softsided First Aid Kit (186 Piece)

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Price: $36.85 at
Age Group: Good for all ages!
Best for: home/car/outdoor use
My Comment: This is one of the most popular first aid kits you will find in the store. It has been designed as an all-purpose first aid solution and is good for the home, outdoor use and the car. It contains one hundred and eighty six pieces! You heard me right. These supplies are easy to find in the box as they come in clear pocket pages. It’s very convenient to say the least.

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