10 Safety Tips to Follow in Your Home ...


10 Safety Tips to Follow in Your Home ...
10 Safety Tips to Follow in Your Home ...

Safety is one of the most important things to follow. I mean, come on, it's all a matter of life or death, right? Doing one bad thing could lead to a lifetime of regret. So, I think it's time to put the lipstick in the case, tie the hair back and start writing about 10 safety tips to follow in your home ...

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Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Photo Credit: worldwarwon

There are more and more fires everyday and most people could have stopped the fire with a fire extinguisher and didn't have one at the time. Most houses come with a fire extinguisher if you rent, because it’s a law you must have one. Although, some people don't know these rules and forget to have them. I have one in the kitchen for grease fires and one in the living room for other fires.


No Electronics in the Bathroom

No Electronics in the Bathroom Photo Credit: loryraffa15...

Electronics can be very dangerous in wet moisture and full water. Electrocution isn't a pretty site and some people have been found with radios or curling irons in the bathroom tub. You pretty much know what happen to them, but this is a good rule to keep. If you want to keep curling irons or other hair tools, you should keep them in a container and take precautions of putting them up after use.


Put Knives and Sharp Objects in a Locked Cabinet

Put Knives and Sharp Objects in a Locked Cabinet Photo Credit: Diesel Ducy

Kids and teenagers are tempted to sharp objects, because their new to them and you don't allow them to have it. So, you will find them sneaking to look at one and to stop this, you should keep them in a locked cabinet. This will save your kids lives and toddler.


Don't Overload Surge Protectors

Don't Overload Surge Protectors Photo Credit: jillmeisterknits

This is a very good rule to keep in your home, because an over loaded outlet is a fire waiting to happen. You should try to keep small running devices on the surge protectors to avoid fires. You can have the full outlet used, but try to pick some light energy consuming devices.


Plugs Need Covered

Plugs Need Covered Photo Credit: Coral82

All children up to age 4 like to stick their finger in something new. They like picking burgers and picking up bugs, but they love to put their fingers in the electric outlet. This can be a bad sight to see a baby being electrocuted. So, this rule should be used until they get to knowing it could kill them. You can buy these covers in almost any store worldwide.


Make Sure You Blow out All Candles

Make Sure You Blow out All Candles Photo Credit: poly_mnia

How many people use candles in their life? We use candles in romantic dinners or just to smell the fresh scent of scented candles. When you use them, try to make sure you blow them out when you're done. Never leave a candle lit unattended and you will be safe from this problem.


Make Sure the Smoke Alarm Works

Make Sure the Smoke Alarm Works Photo Credit: State Farm

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are a lifesaver! These things can help you stay alive knowing when a fire breaks out or when there is carbon monoxide around. You can’t be more protected than having these in your home. I have one in each room.


Never Leave Child with Dog Unattended

Never Leave Child with Dog Unattended Photo Credit: CappiT

All my dogs are nice and child friendly, but I always take precaution to try to watch the dogs when they play with kids. There is always a warning when one will snap and this is why it should be a rule. Watch your kids with your pets and dogs.


Never Let Strangers Live with You

Never Let Strangers Live with You Photo Credit: Joep R.

Strangers can be killers, robbers and sometimes endanger your kids. You should always be careful with who you allow in your home. Even people claiming they are officers or DCF to get in your home to you or your child. Always ask for badges and ID's. If you take a stranger home always keep a eye on them to make sure they are safe or just say no to strangers.


Make Sure You Have Fire Exit Plan

Make Sure You Have Fire Exit Plan Photo Credit: شھذاد خورشد اختر

Fire exit plans save families every day. Do you remember fire drills and why you had them every month in school? Well, they did that for you to know where to go and where the teacher needs to take you out of the school for safety. You can do this easily in your home for a fire. Always go over it with your family and make pictures to where to go in case a fire hits.

You should always practice safety in your own home, to avoid your kids from being hurt or yourself. Always make sure what you're doing is safe and won't harm you. Do you keep your home safe for your family?

Top Photo Credit: Moe W

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