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10 Halloween Safety Tips to Follow ...

By Melanie

Halloween is right around the corner and it will be here before we know it. I am always concerned about my little ones safety and I never let go of her hand on Halloween night. I do not send her up to doors alone. I see many parents breaking so many rules on this night and it’s scary, because danger can strike at any moment and then we wonder why. Below, I am going to give you 10 Halloween safety tips to follow.

10 Children Should Be in Groups

Children Should Be in Groups Photo Credit: Transguyjay

If you have older children, then you may think you could just send them out and they’ll take care of themselves. However, I do not think this is the way to go. If you insist on sending your older kids out, then make sure they do not go alone. They should always go in a group and keep track of each other.

9 Beware of Those Predators

It is important that you teach your children that they can never trust a stranger. You should teach them to never enter a home, unless you are with them. Teach them to never approach a vehicle, unless they are with you. There are more predators in your neighborhood than you realize. Check Family Watchdog for those offenders in your area. Teach them that if someone tries to grab them to scream as loud as they can and fight to get away. Do not just scream, but scream “This is not my mother/father!”

8 It is Important to Slow down

It is Important to Slow down Photo Credit: toonbobo

Tell your children to slow down. Many of them like to run, but there is no need to run. Teach them to take their time and have respect for people’s property. When there are a lot of decorations laid out, use the driveways and sidewalks.

7 Teach Them Street Safety

Instead of going back and forth across the road, trick or treat on one side of the road at a time. Police recommend that children only cross at corners and not at parked cars.

6 Do You Expect to Have Trick-or-treaters around?

Do You Expect to Have Trick-or-treaters around? Photo Credit: The Cat's MeOM

If you expect to have trick-or-treaters at your own home, then make sure it is safe. Keep the lit jack-o-lanterns out of the way of the children. Many children wear long costumes and this could become a fire hazard.

5 Don’t Forget the Extra Equipment

Don’t Forget the Extra Equipment Photo Credit: alan/christopher

When going trick-or-treating, make sure you take the extra equipment with you. Carry flashlights and glow sticks so that the children can be seen. You can purchase the glow sticks for each child at any Halloween store or at Walmart. Also, carry a cell phone with you and have your children carry one in their candy sack, just in case you do get separated.

4 What if a House Seems Strange?

What if a House Seems Strange? Photo Credit: Jack English

If a house seems strange, then skip it, point blank. Don’t even bother with it. Also, if the homes are not lit on the inside and outside, then do not go up to it.

3 Go Early

Go Early Photo Credit: Faborito

I know many people who wait until it is dark, but if you have small children, you should go early. Besides, when you go early, you will not feel rushed and can take your time.

2 Hold Your Child’s Hands

If you have a small child, like me, then hold his/her hands at all times! Do not let that hands go for even a brief second, because it only takes a brief second for them to step out into the road or be snatched.

1 Check Your Candy

../wp-content/uploads/2010/07/2888543407_a8a9a05a8d.jpg Photo Credit: DeaPeaJay

Do not let your children eat any candy until you have inspected it in your home. Do not look anything that looks slightly opened or suspicious. Anything that is not in the original wrapper should be avoided. Do not eat any fruits or goody bags. There you have 10 ways to stay safe during Halloween. Remember, do not let your children roam free, just because it is Halloween. You should still keep that thinking hat on! Do you have any stories of something that happened on Halloween that you would like to share?

Top Photo Credit: spunkyjunk

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