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8 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Party ...

By Kati

Parties are great. Not only are they a great way to cheer people up, they also allow everyone to dress up and socialize, and if you get it right, it could be the social event of the season. And trust me, I’ve got some pretty nice presents from throwing a great party! How do you make sure your party will be a success, though, and that people won’t be leaving by 7? I’ve been searching for the tips that are sure to make your party rock…

1 Perfect Playlist

Pick your playlist carefully, to avoid dull moments. While shuffle can work, its much better to choose upbeat songs for socializing, and mellower music for the end of the party and during the meal if there will be one. Avoid strings of songs by the same artist, and try to mix your tastes a little so that there is something for everyone.

2 Comfort Foods

Stick to foods that will make people feel good, and you’ll be sure to keep everyone happy. Old favorites such as meat loaf and fried chicken are liked by most people, and sharing recipes is a great icebreaker among people who haven’t spoken before.

3 Chicken Centerpiece

If you need a centerpiece, but haven’t got much time, pick up a pre-cooked chicken and decorate it on a platter, surrounded by vegetables, potatoes and sauces. Steamed vegetables are quite quick to prepare, and you can often pick up precooked potatoes, too. Then cover in a sauce, and your guests will never know that its not homemade.

4 Finger Foods

When you clear away the main food, don’t forget to bring out some snacks. Alcohol can often make people hungry, and hungry people aren’t usually very sociable. Depending on the type of party, you could simply prepare chips and dips, or make some more impressive items such as parmesan tomatoes. Italian delis are a great place to grab some hor d’oeuvres.

5 Champagne

Champagne never goes out of fashion, and it gives any party a sophisticated edge, so it’s a definite must have. If your budget can’t quite stretch to this, try serving Prosecco instead, which tastes almost the same but is much cheaper.

6 Full Bar?

Having a full bar is always suggested for parties, but not only can it get really expensive to have every type of drink available, but you also need to know how to mix the drinks. I’ve found that this usually leads to much more stress then I need, so instead, I serve up a special ‘favorite’ cocktail, and have wine and beer available.

7 Don’t Forget the Non Drinkers

Don’t neglect to think about the people at the party who can’t drink. This won’t just be the drivers, but will also include anyone on medication or anyone whose personal situation stops them from drinking. Having water available is a good idea, but I also like to have a selection of juices, and my favourite non alcoholic cocktail. Simply make a club soda, splash some fruit juice in, and add some slices of fresh fruit. Divine!

8 Natural Decorations

Try decorating your house with natural goodies, for a simple yet effective look. Think seasonal, with cranberries or pine cones decorated with glitter, or go more spring like by using fruits such as lemons, limes and grapes. It’ll make an effective display!

Once you’ve sorted the music, the food, the alcohol and the decorations, all you have to work out is what to wear, and who to invite! Then remember that you’ve done your part, and have fun. There’s nothing that gets a party going faster than a happy host! Have you got a tip for throwing an amazing party? I’d love to hear it!

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